April 27, 2017

Summer getaways are all about escaping the daily grind and unwinding in an exotic locale with the sun or snow fanning you gently. But before you can even embark on your vacation, you must begin planning, where you will stay, what you will do and undoubtedly, what you will wear! However, most of us often forget to plan for our luggage and are left packing everything into a ratty old suitcase. To help you set-off in style, here are three types of luggage that will make your summer outing fashionable!

A Hard Trolley Suitcase


Source : Pixabay.com

An absolute essential for any vacation that stretches longer than three days, is the hard trolley suitcase. Not only are suitcases easy to transport, but also they free up your hands to perform other tasks. The versatility of this luggage allows you to fit your shoes, toiletries, clothes, laptop and even souvenirs, all into one bag, without having to worry about any possible damage.

Choose a model that has multi-directional wheels so that you can easily zip around and stroll your suitcase behind you! To really make a statement, purchase a suitcase that has a unique graphic pattern on the outside. This will also make it very easy for you to identify which bag is yours in a crowd of boring and plain suitcases.

A Chic Backpack for Easy Access


Source : Pexels.com

When you are travelling around, you will often find yourself diving into your suitcase to look for things like your wallet, camera, notebook, make-up or sunglasses. To save from having to do this again and again, carry along a backpack in which you can fit all your daily essential items.

Though you may first think that backpacks aren’t especially stylish, there are countless chic options available that will have you oozing style. Choose from a leather or an embroidered canvas bag that is both light-weight and is fitted with multiple pockets for you to store all your knick-knacks. The easiest way to store everything you need in one place, the backpack is a must have for everyone!

A Swoon-Worthy Duffle Bag


Source : Pexels.com

Light and easy to carry in one hand or sling over your shoulder, the duffle bag is perfect for a short vacation. While most people picture duffle bags as tacky and bulky, there are actually a wide array of styles in which duffle bags are available. Pick up a distressed leather duffle which will perfectly complement any wardrobe, or else choose a canvas one if your style is more casual and relaxed. Whatever you choose, the duffle bag can be used to carry light items or heavier ones as well!

For an ultra-fashionable look, pick up all three luggage pieces in the same colour scheme and flaunt your style on your next summer vacation!

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