November 10, 2017

 After that strenuous week, when you finally get that long-awaited weekend, you surely don’t want to spend it doing nothing. And if it’s a travel plan underway, you don’t want to go unprepared. You’ll need your travel essentials and most definitely a weekend travel bag. Now, finding the right bag for travelling may be a dilemma.

At times, the weight of your luggage may be a little too much for a solo traveller or you probably need to carry your laptop along. But you don’t need to worry, there’s a bag designed for each of these needs!

Here are 4 stylish bags you could pick from.

 Leather Duffel Bag

Travel Bag_Leather Duffel Bag

If you are planning a long and eventful weekend, it goes without saying that you’ll need multiple clothing options. In such a case, you should opt for a leather duffle bag. Duffle bags are large and flexible and can be carried around with ease. They allow you to carry your travel essentials and other accessories and remove them out conveniently.

  Rucksack Backpack

Travel Bag_Rucksack Backpack

Want something that leaves your hands free while on the move? A rucksack backpack is your ideal travel buddy when you don’t want to compromise on functionality while travelling. Its multiple compartments allow you to pack your things in an organised way and also ensure even weight distribution.

Messenger Sling Bag

Travel Bag_Messenger Sling Bag

This classic sling bag is the perfect match when you’re planning to carry your laptop. You can travel comfortably with this bag strapped to your shoulder. However, you should opt for this satchel only if you’re travelling light.

       Travel Tote

Travel Bag_Travel Tote

Nothing looks better than a stylish and sophisticated tote used as a travel bag. With multiple compartments, double handles and spacious interiors, you know, you can pack in all your essentials. You get all this without compromising on style or comfort while travelling.

So, go ahead and choose the best travel bags online. After all, it’s always great to prepare well in advance for your next weekend getaway!

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