5 Best Wedding Suits For Men That Are Perfect For Fall
November 20, 2018

Come wedding season and we find everyone putting together their best pieces to flaunt at weddings. While women have umpteen options to choose from, it is generally assumed that men’s style is limited to the same old suits. Thus, begins the hunt for the  best wedding suits for men during wedding season. 

It’s true that men love their suits more than do any other attire. But the various styles available in suits distinguishes them from each other.

Given below are the 5 best wedding suits for men that they can wear this season.

Vintage Suits_Wedding and fall suits

source: highfashionformen.info

Vintage Suits – Vintage style is easier to pull off than you think. Remember to create a right balance between vintage and contemporary pieces, to avoid looking like you have travelled in time. Something formal and vintage like a double-breasted suit will give you an edgy look and unmatched sophistication at any event. If you decide to go with a full vintage suit, ensure your accessories are modern. A pair of loafers will do justice to your outfit, however you can also choose to wear sneakers, following the athleisure trend.

A Double plaid suit_Wedding and fall suits

source: lifestylebyps.com

A Plaid Suit – Why not venture out into the world of plaid this upcoming wedding season? Nothing screams elegance quite and style quite like a plaid suit. This evergreen outfit is easy to style and will help distinguish you from a crowd at weddings. Pair your suit with a shirt in a neutral shade that will complement your suit well. With plaid, you must ensure your footwear and accessories drift more towards the subtle side to keep the focus maintained on your outfit.

A Three-Piece Suit_Wedding and fall outfits

source: techbang.com

A Three-Piece Suit – Poise, sophistication, power; The sartorial three-piece suit is the epitome of class. It can safely be called the king of suits.  A three-piece suit is best suited for fall, as it looks good and will keep you warm too, making it an addition in the best wedding suits for men. If the weather gets too cold, don’t shy from pairing your three-piece suit with a versatile turtleneck. If you want to do fall right, do it the Irish way, where fall lasts all year long and strap on a pair of brogues! A slim tie will definitely give you an edge over all the other attendees at the wedding.

Coloured suits_Wedding and fall outfits

source: chinese.fansshare.com

Coloured suits – Most men prefer going for safe neutral shades, especially when it comes to suits. However, choosing to wear a coloured suit, which is far from the conventional ones is highly rewarding in the fashion world. The trick is simple, just choose a shade that matches the season. For fall, colours like rust, shades of yellow, wine and deep green will give you a fresh pop of colour, without making you look over the top. If you want to go down the quirky road, pair a coloured jacket with differently coloured trousers and own the event!

Slim Fitting Suits_Wedding and fall suits

source: yandex.by

Slim-Fitting Suits – Slim-fit fashion has taken over menswear and now dominates it. So, how could you expect suits, which continues to remain a ‘man’s favourite attire’ to be left behind?  A slim-fitting suit is a great way to show off your toned body. Accessorizing this versatile piece is as simple as it gets. Simply wear a matching or contrasting shirt underneath and complete your look with favourite footwear and voila! You are now ready to own the wedding!

All of these styles made it to the list of best wedding suits for men. It’s time you take note from this and own the next wedding you attend!


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