November 24, 2017

Think you have to try too hard get that perfect Pinterest room? Think again! Sprucing up your room will no longer be a challenge; because we’ve found home decor ideas to save the day!

It’s time to give your space that personalised touch you’ve been wanting to for so long!

An Oversized Throw

Home Decor_An Oversized Throw

Craving an atmosphere of comfort and serenity? Try adding an oversized throw to your most comfortable chair. Because, there’s nothing quite like curling up with a fluffy throw, while reading a big book. The only thing missing is a cup of hot cocoa!

Fairy Lights

home decor_fairy lights

Add a bit of magic to the setting with fairy lights. You can clip photographs to have your treasured moments on display! Or place the fairy lights in and around other home decor elements for some extra sparkle. The best part? You can find these lights in so many different shapes! Stars, hearts, and more; the list is endless!

Textured Rugs

Home accessories_Textured Rug

The right rug is the soul of a cosy room. It can make a statement and give your space that warm aura. Keep the ambience inside toasty when the weather outside is too cold with a thick knit rug. You’ll find yourself craving the comfort of your room even more!


Home Accessories_Cushions

Snuggle up on a chilly day with soft cushions. It’s a great way to transform your most beloved corner in your home. You can easily upgrade your cushions with new cushion covers in various colours and patterns without breaking the bank.

Candles And Vases

Home Decor_Candles And Vases

Make your home your sanctuary as an escape from the chilly weather by adding candles and vases as winter home decor. Choose scented candles that create an ambience of serenity and warmth. A bouquet of fresh or artificial flowers will further lend a vibrant touch to the space.

Feeling inspired already? Indeed, you don’t need extravagant home decor to transform your space. You can be your own interior decor expert and spruce up your personal nook with these quick tips.

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