August 18, 2016

Creating crafts can be fun; and like many kids’ activities, it can also be a learning experience. This could be the place where children can explore the possibilities of their creative tendencies, and to facilitate the same, here are 5 DIY craft ideas for kids.


Tin-Can Wind Chime

A kid’s version of the traditional wind chime can be a wonderful décor for your house. It can be created by simply painting a label-less tin can with a solid colour. A child can draw geometric designs on it and then pass a thread through a hole at the bottom. The same process can be repeated for other cans, and hanged at varying heights from the hoop. Make sure that the cans are close enough to make contact, and give a finishing touch by applying glue to each knot.


Coffee Filter Flowers

Kids can use coffee filters in a creative way.  They just need to dye the filters with food colour and cut them into flower shapes. Here, kids can take inspiration from nature to create diverse shapes and designs. Now, using a tape, each flower is attached to a pipe cleaner. A bunch of these and at the end, you can have a whole bouquet.


Easy Stitch Cards

A stitch card allows a kid to apply some of his/her very creative ideas. To do this, an empty cereal box is cut to the required size. A design is then drawn on it and holes are punched along the lines. Next, the child may begin stitching, possibly with a coloured yarn, from the back of the card. Ensure that the yarn is passed carefully through the holes to reveal the complete design.


Rock animals

Tigers, rabbits, fox and many more! A child can basically create small animal figurines and that too with some artistic innovation. First, a stone is painted with a solid colour. Further details such as stripes and facial features including the eyes are drawn with the help of a small brush. Now bigger stones can be glued together with smaller ones to create a complete design. Construction paper is often used to create ears, which you can simply paint onto the rock as well.


Superhero masks

If you have access to felt, then a superhero mask can be made with the least effort. Cut out two identical mask shapes from the felt such that the facial features are similar to those of the kid. Now is the time to fix the two parts together with two pieces of ribbons glued in between. On the side facing outwards, children can stick different shapes and designs to create the mask of their favourite superhero.

Each craft idea only presents a basic outline of an individual task. It’s up to the kids to use their imagination to create something unique and beautiful.

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