March 13, 2018

Every examination is a testing time for both children and parents. And generally, in this regard, the often-asked question amongst parents is how to help their child deal with exam stress and anxiety. While watching television may seem like the most convenient, how about opting for activities that are not just fun, but boost productivity too!

Yes, we’re talking about games, one of the most effective tips to reduce stress during exams. So go ahead, have a ‘fun hour’ with your child to de-stress. And here’s a bonus -the entire family gets to spend quality time by indulging in games and activities.

Here are five handpicked games and activities to help your child relax before exams.

Keep-Calm-and-Golf-On_5 Pre-Exam Games

Keep Calm And Golf On – While you’re dealing with exam stress, allow this game to rub off its charm on your little one. Golf improves concentration and enhances cognitive skills. It is a very productive activity that will motivate your child to study better.

Channel-The-Inner-Detective_5 Pre-Exam Games

Channel The Inner Detective – Scotland Yard is one of the best board games that help in coping with exam stress. It will refresh your child’s mind and keep him guessing till the end. Try to play this game before your child starts studying a difficult subject. His productivity is sure to increase.

Have-Fun-with-Jenga_5 Pre-Exam Games

Have Fun With Jenga – Derived from Swahili, Jenga means ‘to build’. This game tests your child’s physical skills and is a blessing for those who’ve been studying or working for hours. This building blocks exercise will promote family bonding and boost your child’s mood like no other!

Live-Life,-As-We-Know-It_5 Pre-Exam Games

Live Life, As We Know It – One of the best tips to reduce stress during exams is to remind your child that there’s much more to life than his or her grades. The classic Game of Life is a fun-filled activity that will keep him entertained when he needs a breather during study time.

Make-Every-Card-Count_5 Pre-Exam Games

Make Every Card Count – Replace your regular card games with this one inspired by the popular board-game, Monopoly. This handy game teaches the fun basics of property-trading to your child. It will prepare him to ‘deal’ with a lot of twists and turns until he becomes the ultimate Monopoly Deal winner!

Who imagined that a fun game could be one of the most effective tips to deal with exam stress? Cheer up your child with a fun hour during his pre-exam preparations. Shop now for some of the most exciting boardgames HERE!

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