January 24, 2018

With Republic day just around the corner, we Indians have so much to look forward to. And like any celebratory occasion, this one’s a grand affair too. While flag hoisting ceremonies and annual parades sum up the day, what really ties everything down is a sumptuous fare that reverberates with flavours.

But if you don’t want to be guilty of bingeing, no worries, Republic Day will be just as good with these flavoursome foods that will tick all the columns in the health department.

Here’s a look into some tri-coloured treats you can whip up right at home.

 Sandwich, The Desi Way Sandwich, The Desi Way_Republic Day Treats

Start your Republic day on a healthy note by making some delicious tricolour sandwich recipes in Indian style. To resound the patriotic vibe, don’t hesitate to generously stuff saffron-toned carrots, fresh parsley, and a sweep of cottage cheese. And, we Indians can’t do without some spice, so the mint-coriander green chutney better be slathered. To notch up the health quotient, replace mayonnaise with healthy hummus. In the end you’ll have a big filler that’ll recharge you for the eventful day ahead!

 Route To Healthy With Tri-Colour Veggies Route To Healthy With Tri-Colour Veggies_Republic Day Treats

If you’ve managed to stick to your resolution of healthy eating, pat yourself. We’re presenting some extra motivation this Republic Day. Say no to unhealthy snacking with the tri-coloured salad. Simply slice a few carrots and celery sticks and prepare a yoghurt dip to go with it. Voila! Your salad is now Republic Day ready.

 An Ode To India’s Staple Grain

An Ode To India’s Staple Grain_Republic Day Treats

The three-toned pulav is one of the easiest tricolour food recipes you can make in a pressure cooker, especially if you have friends or family coming over. However, skip the white rice for delicious, wholesome brown rice tossed into a pan of sauteed veggies, including green peas, red bell peppers and carrots. A traditional spice blend of star anise, bay leaves, and red chillies will be that perfect finishing touch!

 Republic Day Makeover For The Humble Idli

Republic Makeover For The Humble Idli_Republic Day Treats

Can’t do without a breakfast idli fix? Welcome some South Indian flair to your Republic Day special menu. Steamed idlis are a storehouse of health and goodness. You can make them Republic day approved by sprinkling some edible orange and green food colouring in the batter and leaving the rest white. Be creative with the plating by artistically laying out the chutney spreads.

 Tri-colour Reinforced Smoothie Tri-colour Reinforced Smoothie_Republic Day Treats

How about a fancy touch to your everyday blender smoothies? Make your own tri- coloured smoothie by separately blending mangoes, kiwis and bananas with yoghurt. You can then place them in the desired order to give a nod to the Indian tri-colour.

 A Sweet Celebration

A Sweet Celebration_Republic Day Treats

End your celebrations on a sweet note with a tri-coloured carrot cake, fresh out of a baking oven. Whip up healthy ingredients like applesauce, cinnamon, apple cider vinegar, pure vanilla extract, walnuts, almond meal, and shredded carrot. Skip the unhealthy frosting for a topping of greek yoghurt and refined sugar for some organic maple syrup. Finish off the tricolour cake recipe with a drizzle of orange and green food colouring on the frosting. Now, no more refined flours and added sugar!

Cook with a twist this Republic Day. And here’s everything you’ll need. Shop for blenders, cookers, and more here and prepare to usher in the celebrations!

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