April 19, 2018

Do you have wanderlust? More often than not, do you find yourself gazing at the travel magazines over the coffee shop counter or browsing travel videos on your mobile? Well, then it’s time you stopped procrastinating and packed your bag full of travel accessories and travel essentials. Because we’re here to helps you plan your next summer vacation! But before you start worrying about the hassles of visas, let’s begin by saying you don’t really need one.

Don’t believe what you hear? Check out these amazing international holiday destinations that will leave you spellbound when you set foot – all without the need for a visa!

Kingdom of Bhutan_7 Visa Free International Holiday Destinations For Indians

Kingdom of Bhutan-Popularly known as The Land Of The Thunder Dragon, this Himalayan kingdom entices tourists with its picturesque landscapes, snow-capped mountains, picturesque monasteries and lush green landscapes. And if trekking is your favourite way of exploring, get a foldable backpack, pack your travel essentials and prepare to be surprised, without the need for a visa!

Nepal_7 Visa Free International Holiday Destinations For Indians

Nepal – Are you a mountain lover with a special place in your heart for the Himalayas? Then, get your travel packing list ready and book your tickets right away to witness this magical paradise. And yes, you guessed it right – no visa! Just remember that winter clothes are one of the essential things to pack for travelling in Nepal as it can get quite chilly.

Mauritius_7 Visa Free International Holiday Destinations For Indians

Mauritius-Balmy beaches, clear lagoons and mesmerising coral reefs along with world-class resorts make Mauritius nothing less than a paradise on earth. And if you picture long walks along the coastline and endless opportunities to explore, this may just be the place to bond with your significant other. Start ticking off all the essentials from your travel packing list, with the exception of a pre-entry visa. On arrival, your passport will be stamped allowing entry to the country for 60 days. We bet, your vacation couldn’t have got this simple!

Maldives_Visa Free Holiday Destinations

Maldives – Beach lovers! Take note, the ultimate beach vacation awaits you at the Maldives; the bonus? You don’t require a pre-entry visa. It’s a visa-free trip for a stay of up to 90 days! This destination promises exciting adventures, right from exploring the indigenous marine wildlife, to indulging in spa treatments, to trying out snorkelling. The possibilities are endless!

Fiji_Visa Free Holiday Destinations

Fiji – The fascinating island of Fiji is probably on every traveller’s island-hopping wishlist. But, what’s an even bigger motivator to visit this destination is that you won’t require a pre-entry visa! Your visa will be issued upon arrival at the Airport or at the Port-of-entry by the Immigration Officers. Yes, you’ll have unrestricted access to the blue sea, lagoons, pristine beaches, hot springs, national parks and more! Pack your bags and be prepared for a trip that exempts a visa-free stay for up to four months! .

Cook Islands_7 Visa Free International Holiday Destinations For Indians

Cook Islands- Although politically linked to New Zealand, this group of 15 islands in the South Pacific,  tourist visa is not required  for a stay up to 31 days for Indian citizens.  Jet-skiing, scuba diving or snorkelling, name it and you can have the adventure of your life. Do not forget to stuff travel accessories like fashionable beachwear, shorts and sneakers, because a great holiday experience is also about comfort and unmatched style!

Jamaica_7 Visa Free International Holiday Destinations For Indians

Jamaica – Is your heart longing to witness the forests, mountains, beaches, and a rich culture? Book your next ticket to Jamaica for an all-encompassing experience. Also, this exotic destination promises adventure aplenty with activities like jeep safaris and zip-lining. And, what more? Your travel accessories kit for this Caribbean Island can do well without a visa for upto 14 days!

Ready to appease the wanderer in you? Make a list of all the things to pack for the vacation in advance, and see if you have missed out on anything. Shop online for travel essentials for women and men. Once you’re done, make sure you book those tickets. Bon Voyage!

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