9 Ethnic Wear Colours For 9 Dazzling Navratri Nights
October 5, 2018

The nine days of Navratri are looked forward to every year; and this year is no different! The auspicious occasion calls for sumptuous vrat delicacies, exciting dandiya nights, and Navratri 9 colors ethnic wear to celebrate the festive mood.

Dressing up in all your finery comes as a given during visits to pandals and exhilarating garba nights. Traditionally, wearing the nine symbolic colours during the festivities is a must; which means –   a colour for each day!

The outfit colour sequence for this year is out. So, it’s time to create your best ever ethnic wear looks for nine days of Navratri and celebration!

Day 1 – Royal Blue

Royal-Blue_Ethnic Wear For Navratri

The colour royal blue represents both tranquillity and strength.  Wear this elegant colour on the first day with confidence. Match up to the regality of this shade with jewellery in gold or copper tones.

Day 2 – Yellow

Yellow_Ethnic Wear For Navratri

Yellow matches up to the festive fervour of the second day, with its zestful undercurrents. Go ahead and choose your ethnic wear for Navratri in this vibrant shade. Opt for subtle silver jewellery that is bound to complement this bright colour.

Day 3 – Green

Green_Ethnic Wear For Navratri

Green reflects nature and everything fresh. It bursts with energy and positivity, and your third-day look can definitely borrow from its invigorating qualities. Accessorise with gold jewellery for a beautiful contrast.

Day 4 – Grey

Grey_Ethnic Wear For Navratri

Grey is a soft colour that conquers with its subtlety and grace. Wear this balanced colour on the fourth day of the Navratri festivities. Add a touch of glimmer to the sombre hue with sparkling jewellery like earrings, necklaces, and bangles.

Day 5 – Orange

Orange_Ethnic Wear For Navratri

Orange remains a bold colour, a shade to draw courage from. It reflects self-expression with its bright undertones and is the perfect choice to flaunt your signature ethnic look on Navratri’s fifth day.

Day 6 – White

White_Ethnic Wear For Navratri

White is the colour for Navratri’s sixth day. The colour of peace and purity, an ensemble in white is something you can never go wrong with. When highlighted with hints of gold or silver detailing, your ethnic outfit in white will truly stand out from the crowd.

Day 7 – Red

red_Ethnic Wear For Navratri

Fiery and energetic, red is truly a force to reckon with; make it your pick on the seventh day of Navratri. While it’s a powerful colour, the shade also radiates immense warmth. This makes red the perfect option to get attuned to the inviting festive vibes.

Day 8 – Sky Blue

Sky-Blue_Ethnic Wear For Navratri

Soothing and limitless in beauty, just like the sky on a sunny day. The colour sky blue can give your ethnic wear a dreamy look. This cool tone is just what your festive wardrobe needs to balance out the warmer tones in your Navratri outfit collection. Reserve this colour for the eighth day of the festivities.

Day 9 – Pink

Pink_Ethnic Wear For Navratri

Dainty and gentle, the colour pink shines gloriously in the colour spectrum. Defining your festive ethnic look with the colour is easier said and done too! Thanks to the variety of women’s Indianwear clothing available in the shade. In terms of accessories, silver jewellery would be most befitting!

This Navratri, light up the festive weeks by turning up in your best navratri colours 2018 ethnic wear! Get started by shopping for a range of ethnic wear for nine days of Navratri online!

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