August 31, 2017

The famous saying “what goes around comes around” stands perfect to describe the cycle of fashion. Every fashion style has its peak moment and slowly fades out only to be reborn and re-worn decades later. A little less than twenty years later, we are reliving the trendy nineties with the hottest fashion of the decade re-appearing everywhere.
We have picked out some happening fashion styles from the 90’s and here is how you can rock them.


Rugged Combat Boots
Heavy-duty combat boots, are tough, gritty and can be paired with everything from slip dresses to florals, flannel shirts and distressed jeans. These boots are highly trendy and stand out from the crowd. Comfortable to pull off, an absolute favourite of fashionistas, these ought to be a part of your fashion arsenal.

Choke It Up
How can you resist this super-hot accessory? Chokers are a style statement that you can team with open neck tops and dresses, to enhance your neckline. They are available in variety of sizes, colours and fabrics. The single strap plain black choker is a classic amongst the collection. You can wear them in velvet and netted material too, depending on your outfit.

One for the Platform Shoes
To make the right impact with your outfit, platform shoes are the right footwear to slip on. With a thicker than usual sole, these sandals make you look taller and are supremely comfortable to wear throughout the day. You can wear them with dresses, skirts and jumpsuits too. They are available in a mono-tone or with dual colours.


Hey Mom! It’s Your Jeans
If you raided your mom’s closet in the 90s, you would most likely come across a pair of “mom jeans”. Contemporary brands have brought these jeans back in full force, offering a distressed wash, high waist, long back pockets and an overall baggy fit. These jeans are best when worn with plain shirts or t-shirts, especially tucked in. These classic jeans from the 90s are as comfortable as they appear!

Metallic Makeup Done Right
With silvery shadow and gilded lips, metallic make-up is back! This trend of the 90s might seem a little eccentric, but if applied in the right amount, with the right styling, it makes you look rad, and ready for a fun night out. The idea is not to overdo any contour and apply just the right amount. You can either go heavy on the lips or on the eyes, to be on the safer side.

Lazy-Day Flannel Shirts
A flannel shirt is exactly what you need for a long day. Flannel shirts are over-sized, checked patterned shirts, which give you a casual and chic look on any given day. You can team them with jeans, semi-tucked in, and with a good old pair of sneakers. An all-time favourite of trendsetters, this 90s fashion attire is a must have in your wardrobe.

It’s time to revisit the 90s in 2017 and revamp your wardrobe with these trendy styles to make a fashion statement every time you step out.

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