July 14, 2017

I love the rains, especially when I am lazing around, enjoying a cup of coffee at home. But sometimes rains also make us feel very moody, irritable and exhausted. Now you might wonder what your fashion sense has anything to do with that, but it does. ‘Black’ and ‘grey’ are classics and our all-time favourites but they are also considered dull and gloomy in the rainy season. Fret not because I have a wonderful idea to completely transform your mood.



Whenever I am having a bad day or I am not feeling up to it, I deliberately choose bright colours to wear so that it brightens my mood. And nobody ever said that I cannot apply this ‘mantra’ to monsoons. First things first. Let’s get ready for this rainy season with a sturdy, bright and beautiful umbrella. Who said umbrellas just had to be useful. They can make a fashion statement too.



I personally feel that flip flops are the go to footwear during rains. I mean we surely do not want to ruin our expensive, leather shoes with all the dirty water. Flip flops come in so many colours that you can easily add a dash of brightness to your outfit effortlessly. And they aren’t even expensive so you can buy as many colours or prints as you like and splash away all you like without any fear.



You want to wear some colour around your arm? What better way than to carry colourful yet  sturdy handbags or sling bags with your outfit. They add an amazing pop of colour and get complimented. Go for bright solids or playful prints, the choice is yours. There is one for everyone’s style.



I feel shorts are perfect for this season. You spare your expensive jeans from getting muddy and dirty and you can still continue to run and jump around. And what I find most interesting is that there are just so many options and variations to choose from. Colourful and breezy cotton shorts are a must have for this season.



Last but not the least. How can monsoon wear be complete without gum boots? Gum boots used to be ugly and undesirable but they sure have stepped up their game because they are irresistible now with their pastel colours and patterns. You have to get one now!

Colours can make all the difference. And all you need is just one item to create the playful and vibrant look of the season. Singing, dancing and clicking pictures in the rain made perfect with your very own personal rainbow hidden inside your closet.

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