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Art Of Reuse By Hidesign

August 18, 2017

hidesign-1-400x500-minFAQ-reThe Art of Reuse is back and it’s  bigger and better this year.

For those of you who don’t know, The Art of Reuse is an annual engagement project by Hidesign that encourages people to upcycle used materials and convert them into usable products. For this, Hidesign provides you with a kit, in which they typically include a lot leather scrap. One can then set their imagination free to design the best product possible, using all the scrap leather.

We applaud the brand for their attempt at working towards sustainability.  Over the years the initiative has constantly been a reminder of how beautiful and functional objects can be crafted from material that was originally considered waste. What’s more, it lays emphasis on the beauty of handcrafting and by doing so, is increasing appreciation for handmade products.

For all those of you, who are keen on participating, register HERE to get your kit delivered to your homes. The instructions on how to use this kit are printed at the back  of the paper bag.  Make your product and drop it off at any Hidesign store or Hidesign counter in Shoppers Stop stores along with your form. Your product picture will be then uploaded on to Hidesign’s Facebook page. Once up,  have your friends and family vote for you to win the grand prize.

That’s not all. The rewards are pretty spectacular too. This year’s winner will go on an all-expense paid trip to Pondicherry and the golden chance to design his/her own Hidesign bag. Sounds exciting, right?

Runner ups stand to win INR 15,000 and 10,000 in cash vouchers from Hidesign. Design students have the added advantage to intern with the brand.

Now go ahead; register and get your creative juices flowing. Come aboard the sustainability bandwagon and do your bit for the environment today.

*Registrations for Hidesign – Art of Reuse are closed from 7th September 2017. Registrations  after the given date will not be considered a part of this programme.

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