Bridal Makeup Dos and Don'ts - Wedding Special
November 2, 2018

It goes without saying that a woman’s wedding day is probably the most important event in her life. Now with it comes the task of deciding the signature ‘bridal makeup look’ and learning about all those bridal makeup dos and don’tsSo, while you’re running errands, juggling between fittings and other preparations, it’s never too early to start contemplating on your ‘the day’ makeup.

If the day is fixed and all the major wedding prep is underway, it’s now time to take a breather and set your eyes on everything makeup! Stay with us as we take you through all the bridal makeup dos and dont’s.

Indulge In Some Face Prep

Indulge In Some Face Prep_Bridal Makeup Dos And Don'ts


Do cleanse, tone, and moisturise! It’s no news that cleaning, toning and moisturising form the basis of both skincare and beauty regimes. Following these steps will ensure your face is clean and ready for that ideal bridal makeup look.

Don’t skip the moisturiser! Moisturiser ensures your face has a healthy dewy glow. It also makes sure that your makeup blends well and doesn’t end up looking cakey!

Get The Base Right

Get The Base Right_Bridal Makeup Dos And Don'ts


Do use a primer for that flawless makeup finish. This miraculous product will allow effortless blending and will ensure the rest of your makeup stays on for longer. Follow it up with a good foundation and say hello to a more refined complexion!

Don’t make the mistake of choosing a foundation shade that’s lighter or darker than your skin tone. Instead, consult your makeup artist to ensure the colour you’ve picked is the perfect match for your unique skin tone.

Contouring Works Wonders

Contouring Does Wonders_Bridal Makeup Dos And Don'ts


Do keep in mind that high cheekbones and a defined nose will take your look a notch higher. So don’t be afraid to put your contouring skills to the test. Opt for a contour colour in a slightly ashy tone that will closely resemble the natural shadow of your face. The upward brush application style works best when contouring your cheekbones.   

Don’t choose contour colours in overpowering shades like red or orange as your face can end up looking too overdone. Also, avoid strokes extending up to your mouth. Keep the strokes of your contour neat and short to achieve the perfect finish.  

Shimmer Is Good

Shimmer Is Good_Bridal Makeup Dos And Don'ts


Do subscribe to the idea of a glowing bridal makeup look! Opt for a highlighter in warm shades of bronze or gold, which go seamlessly well with Indian skin tones. Swipe a little product on your cheekbones and the bridge of your nose to transform into the most glamorous version of yourself. To further accentuate your look, you could use glitter on your eyelids or try some inner eye strobing with eyeshadow shades like silver, metallic yellow, or rose gold!

Don’t apply your highlighter/bronzer/contour powder directly over your foundation. Remember to set it first with loose, setting powder. Doing this will ensure your highlighter blends well and doesn’t give you that dreaded patchy finish.

For Those Smouldering Eyes

For Those Smouldering_Bridal Makeup Dos And Don'ts


Do get your eye makeup on point by starting with an eye primer. The importance of this product is often underrated but it makes all the difference between a smooth finish and a not-so-great one. Another important tip – if you’re going with the most sought-after smokey eye look, the key is to start with lighter shades on top (below your brow). As you move towards the bottom of your eyelids, finish off with darker shades for a soft, gradient finish.  

Don’t apply too much eyeshadow pigment, particularly when it comes to darker tones. It could end up looking too overpowering. Also, steer clear of applying glitter or metallic tones on the crease of your eyelids, as it could make them appear saggy.

The Perfect Pout

The Perfect Pout_Bridal Makeup Dos And Don'ts


Do opt for brighter shades of lipstick or subtle colours. Since lipstick is the last touch of perfection you need to complete your look, the shade you choose can make a spectacular difference to your face. Remember that brighter shades like pinks and corals and subtle ones like mauves and nudes are more likely to impart a youthful glow than deeper tones like browns and burgundies.

Don’t pair dark lipstick shades like berry or brown with dramatic eye makeup. Be sure to balance out your look by going easy on your eye makeup. If your eye and lip makeup fall on the darker side, you can end up looking too over the top.  

These bridal makeup dos and dont’s will save you time and effort on your wedding day and will help you achieve the look you’ve been dreaming of.  Get started by updating your bridal makeup kit today!

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