June 5, 2017

Coming home to the same old rooms, walls and décor every day, can get dull over time. Today the internet is over-flowing with ideas to redecorate your home, making it difficult to know where to actually begin. If you feel overwhelmed by the prospect of redecorating, check out this list and add a refreshing change to your home!


Ribbon-Adorned Handles

Don’t let those birthday ribbons or pieces of scrap cloth go to waste. Instead, tie them up in small bowties on the handles of cupboards, drawers, closets or room doors. Use velvet ribbon to add a touch of class to each room.


Painted Legs

Turn your everyday chair into something special by painting only the legs. Take a bright colour, preferably an orange or yellow, and add some pop to a room! Try using one colour for the legs of all your furniture to make them more uniform.


Mix it Up

While coordinated pictures of your family will surely look fabulous, try going off of the beaten road and with pictures add some hand drawings as well. Also don’t worry if the frames don’t match.


Quilt Quotient

Try draping a quilt over the headboard of your bed to liven things up a bit. Don’t worry if your bed doesn’t have a headboard; with a quick paintjob, you can add a fake headboard above your bed.


Flying Plates

One of the latest trends to follow in home décor is to hang a set of colour-coordinated plates. Or if you’re looking for something funkier, mismatched plates with quirky prints will look equally fashionable.

Try out these tips and leave your guests amazed as they step into your gorgeous home

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