September 7, 2016

International Chocolate Day is celebrated on 13th September, the birth anniversary of prominent American confectioner Milton Hershey, who founded the Hershey Chocolate Company. It is a day when people celebrate the richness of chocolate which has also been labelled as Theobroma or food for the Gods. Just so you know, Chocolate is being consumed for more than 4000 years and is commonly used for medicines and for preparing delicious goodies.

On this lovely occasion of International Chocolate Day, here are some sweet gifts online to make you go weak in the knees:


Chocolate Philosophy Seasonal Box (90g.)

These assorted artisan chocolates are perfect for World Chocolate Day, or for any occasion really. This beautiful box is full of gooey chocolate that will melt in your mouth. It is the perfect choice to solve any lover’s spat or mend a broken heart with its creamy goodness.



Chocolate Philosophy Festive Box (120g.)

This festive box comes with assorted slates of finger-licking-good milk and dark chocolate. It is certain to be a treat for loved ones that enjoy chocolates and sweets. There is enough to go around and spread the joy. You can choose to share this box or even gift it to yourself! After all, World Chocolate Day only comes once a year.



Chocolate Philosophy Festive Box (250g.)

This super gigantic box of chocolates also comes with additional goodies like a cute cuddle toy and a photo frame, which makes it the perfect gift. If you are looking for sweet gifts online, this box is ideal to melt even iciest of relations and give your whole family a healthy dose of chocolaty goodness.



Single Origin Chocolate Bar- Ariba

Full of rich creamy chocolate goodness, this bar will blow your mind with its well-rounded taste and healthy dose of milk and cream. Get your chocolate fix for the day with this rich bar, and celebrate World Chocolate Day in style.



Sugar Free Chocolate

Are you on a diet or watching your weight? Don’t fret, this World Chocolate Day, we have you covered. Celebrate this day with some sugar-free chocolate so that you can experience all the deliciousness of chocolate without any guilt. Binge on this confection all you want, with not a worry.



Single Origin Assorted Chocolate (50 g. each)

A treat for every lover of chocolates and sweets, this pack lets you experience an assortment of ten chocolates from around the world. You can cherish the variety of tastes that are enjoyed in different countries. There is no better way to celebrate World Chocolate Day.



Mysore Palace Box

Get the royal treatment this World Chocolate Day, with this majestic Mysore Palace Box. It is filled with a rich assortment of Bon Bon Caramba. With this box, you can give your taste buds and that of your significant other a treat fit for royalty.


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