August 21, 2017

A teacher’s job is one of the toughest jobs in the world. Teachers know each child individually and help them evolve into the best version of themselves. Unfortunately, the immense love and preparation that goes into teaching and grooming children is sometimes forgotten.

To celebrate this Teachers’ Day, set your kids to task this weekend and ask them to make personalized DIY Teachers’ Day cards for their favourite teachers.


Accordion Thank You Card

Help your child make a creative greeting card for their teacher. Take a decorative box and stick a long sheet of art paper on the inside of the lid of the box. Next, fold the paper evenly alternating each side. Once it has dried, the card will open up in a similar fashion to an accordion. Decorate the inside and write your message and this cool book shaped card is ready!


Cute Letter Box Card

Another quirky design is to make an envelope in the form of a letter box and decorate it on the outside. You can relate to class room equipment like a ruler or a pencil and design the same along with a note which reads “I Love School”. Get your child to write a letter to his/her favourite teacher.


Your Teacher- Your Superhero

Your kids look up to their teachers on numerous occasions. They instill values and knowledge which mould your children into what they become. Help your child make a Teacher’s Day card which depicts their teacher as a superhero. Take a chocolate bar, add a sticky note with a message, colour a face and paste it on top of the chocolate bar and finally take a sheet of paper and wrap it around the chocolate to make a capae. Finally, stick a chocolate bar beneath it and add a sticky note with a personal message from your kid. Super easy and super cute, this Teachers’ Day card is ready in minutes!


Melted Crayons Are Magic

Dig out old, used crayons and melt them over a candle and ask your kid to press them over a plain sheet of card paper. Draw out cute shapes like smileys or hearts and leave imprints of melted crayons over it. This makes the card bright and appealing. Inside the card your kid can either draw or leave a small message. Super easy and charming, this card can easily be made last minute.

A teacher is a vital part of your child’s life so appreciate their effort and time this Teachers’ Day by thanking them with a DIY card.

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