August 24, 2016

Nothing is better than coming back to a beautifully designed home after a long tiring day, which gives immense harmony and joy to the mind as well to the soul. Every so often giving your house a long due upgrade doesn’t need any major renovation or costly makeover. In fact, a few thoughtful DIY wall pieces, storage spaces and centerpieces are all that you need to give your space a newly decked up look.

The trick to effectively upgrading your home within a limited budget is going that extra mile to think outside the box. The next time you have extra furniture of waste lying around don’t throw it away. Instead apply these ideas and create stunning home decor from scrap.


CRATE STORAGE: Do you want your house to be clean and clutter-free but still look stylish? Organising and tidying up your house can be done in many different ways; especially you have a knack for creativity but don’t want to spend a fortune while doing so. Create book shelves out of some wooden crates or even craft a display wall in the bedroom for all those beautiful ornaments you love to collect. Give them the rusty look as is or add some splash of colour for a little oomph.


SUNBURST MIRROR: Open up your living room with a well-placed mirror that also has a bit of elegance just like the stagy sunburst mirror. This beautiful and breath-taking home decor piece can be a great addition to your wall-art collection or as an exclusive gift without damaging your budget. So get your glue gun out, warm it up and prepare to get crafty.


MASON JAR LIGHTS: Mason jars are, really, amazingly nifty as a DIY project. They give your space a melodious, homey, peculiar feel, both indoors and outdoors. The luminosity of these jars are sure to add an amazing subtle, romantic touch to any courtyard or terrace, big or small, whether you run them along a window railing or suspend them like a chandelier in the middle of your living room.


COLOURFUL DOORMAT: Bring together some colour or texture to a dulli space or act as a centre decor piece, be what the reason; everybody needs a good doormat that makes coming home feel better. So instead of having to settle for a design that you’re not totally in love with, or is rather, too expensive; put on your thinking caps, do the unthinkable and make your own mat that reflects your style and creativity.


PAINTED PLATES: Give your dinner table an imaginatively personalized touch for your next party, with a lovely DIY painted plate. No need for crazy artistic talent, just have fun creating it. A project perfect to spend some fun time with friends! So grab your BFF’s, put on some music, and start painting! Doesn’t matter if it’s perfect or not, as long it transforms into a pretty cute mix and match dinnerware that you love.

So go revive the ambiance of you home without spending a fortune. You know you want to!  It’s time to be your own DIY superb home decorator! Get motivated and astonished by how easy it is to give your home a cool, fresh and interesting new look with these simple home decor DIY’s!

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