August 3, 2017

We remember the time when we used to compete with our friends to see who got the maximum number of This Friendship Day, try something new and add a personal touch to your bracelets. Here’s a list of simple yet beautiful DIY Friendship bracelets you can make for your friends and make them feel more special:


Classic Camp Style

Go back to your basics and make this friendship bracelet within minutes. You need three different coloured threads and two wooden beads. Tie the ends of the threads together, insert a bead and loop it around. Hold this end of the bracelet staart braiding in a criss-cross pattern all to the other end. Tie a knot, insert a bead and loop it again. Simple yet fancy, your friendship bracelet is ready! You can experiment with various colour combinations. You can choose your friend’s favourite colours and a personal touch to it.


Something fishy!

This bracelet is similar to a fishtail braid. You can play around with various colours, thickness of the threads, the type of threads you use etc. At the end of the bracelet tie a golden ring to which you can loop the other end. These bracelets are trendy and super cute to give your close friends.


One Bead at a Time

Take a thick string, collect the funkiest beads you can get your hands on and string them together! The beads can be of the same colour or you can play around with  different combinations – it’s up to you. Not only does it add a stylish touch to your bracelet, but this beaded type is also one of the easiest to make.


Put a Bangle on It

Remember your mom’s old wooden or glass bangles? Revamp those to make new friendship bracelets out of them! You can tie threads in the most innovate way and come up with interesting patterns. The fun part here is you can bring out the artist in you and paint these bangles in numerous ways! Play around with polka dots, chevron etc. in monochromatic colours or even the pastel shades that are in trend at the moment.

Get started and make this friendship day a unique one with personalized bracelets!

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