November 5, 2018

Most of the times when you go to shop for yourself, you may have to spend excess on the alterations because of the body type you possess. Here are some hacks to know what style suits you better and how to dress up according to your body type.

For Men

image-1Apart from the average body or the perfect athletic built body, there are three major types of tricky body type combinations for men. It is thus understandable to be confused in the vast range of products in men’s fashion online.

The Rectangle Shaped

Most men who have a uniform torso, either short or tall, have a rectangular body shape. The skinny look in a rectangular body type, can be tackled by adding a jacket or some accessories to widen the appearance of your upper body. Get the ends narrowed of the trousers for a distinctive sharp look.

The Triangle Shaped

For those of you who need to take the focus away from the tummy, the simple trick is to broaden the shoulders and chest. Turtleneck-T or Polo-T’s can work wonders in your case. While going for stripes, it is advised to go with vertical stripes to balance out the waist and shoulder ratio.

Too Short or Tall

While for shorter heights, wearing solid colours or dark colours makes the body look bigger, taller men can go with the lighter colours to do the opposite. The way you wear a certain outfit portrays the best style you wish to don. Thus, if you are short, a high waistline can work great, whereas for taller men, the same could go slightly lower.

For Women

image-2There are four main tricky body types for women, based on the measurements of the torso, hip and bust. Therefore, there are numerous types of ideas among dresses for body types of different measurements, keeping in mind the latest women’s fashion trends.

The Pear Shaped

For those who have a larger hip in proportion to the bust, are considered to have the pear shape figure. In such body types, it is necessary to focus on the upper body and the waist line, thus working something around the neck. With the latest women’s fashion trends, A-line dresses are a good match for such body types. Widening the waist gives a better visual presentation of the body.

The Apple Shaped

The body types with a larger waistline and rounded shoulders are the apple-shaped figures. In such figures, it is ideal to wear fitted clothes and avoid the detailing in the bust or hip area. However, you must avoid wearing belts or skirts above knee length as it enhances the waistline more.

Short and Petite

If your height falls below the average 5 ft. 4 inches, you fall in the petite body type category. In this case, you need to appear taller and avoid looking boxy. Ideally wearing heels can give you the desired height.

When choosing a dress, go for vertical patterns instead of horizontals. Go with V-line tops to elongate your look. One of the trendy looks for petite women is to sport a jacket or a cardigan.

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