February 13, 2018

Having been asked to be a groomsman at your best friend’s wedding is a massive honour! Not only do you get to enjoy their special day but also be a part of it! Any groomsman worth his salt knows that this task should not be taken lightly.

Traditionally, you have to decide your outfits in close proximity to the theme decided by the bride and groom. It’s hard to strike the balance between picking the right suit and one that looks good on everyone!

If this is proving to be a challenge, you’ve come to the right place. Given below are fashion hacks and ideas on what to wear to your friend’s wedding.

Think Outside The Box

Think Outside The Box_Groomsmen Fashion Ideas

The first task you’re probably enlisted with is curating a complete outfit. Be sure to keep everyone in the loop to make certain the entire team of groomsmen look their stylish best. You could collectively decide to drift away from the conventional groomsmen suits and try something different like a traditional or fusion look. Better still, how about infusing a bit of colour or elements like glitter inspired by the bridesmaid dresses?

Look Upon Those Toes

Look Upon Those Toes_Groomsmen Fashion Ideas

Shoes maketh the man, or so they say. Investing in a good pair of shoes is key. Rather than opting for basic black, a polished brown pair might be just the thing that elevates the whole ensemble. Remember to rub the sole of your shoes with a bit of sandpaper to avoid sliding across the dance floor and you’ll be good to go! Here’s one pair you can rely on.

Try A Colour Scheme
Try A Colour Scheme_Groomsmen Fashion Ideas

Speaking of shoes, use this opportunity to put your best foot forward. The devil is in the details of your groomsmen attire ideas and while you may want to ‘think out of the box’, do remember to have a level of uniformity to make sure it’s the groom that remains the focus. Picking a definite colour scheme and roping in the same tailor will pave the right way ahead!

Sometimes Uniformity Lies In Silhouettes
And Remember - Sometimes Uniformity Lies In Silhouettes..._Groomsmen Fashion Ideas

If sticking to the same coloured groomsmen outfits seems too mainstream, no worries. Here’s one of the fashion hacks to help you – pick colours that contrast and make up for it by matching the silhouettes. The groomsmen won’t look alike from head-to-toe, yet you all will seem like one big tribe!

Groomsmen Need To Accessorise Too
Groomsmen Need To Accessorise Too_Groomsmen Fashion Ideas

After all groomsmen suits are not the end all of your groomsman act. Tie it all down together with some slick accessories for that extra touch of refinement. If looking out for accessories seems a task, we’ve outlined five you’ll definitely need – a belt, tie/bowtie, satin pocket square, suspenders, and cufflinks. Only 5 steps to completing that dapper look!

With the fashion rules in place, you’re fully equipped for your groomsman duties. Let the wide variety of outfits online be your calling card. Browse through the seemingly endless collection of suits and sherwanis and prepare to look your best!

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