September 13, 2017

You have those perfectly curled locks that you flaunt all summer long. The onset of October heat makes it really difficult for you to maintain your hair due to excessive perspiration and humidity. Whether it’s the shape, the texture or the styling – haircare can be a challenge. Well, not if you follow these tips.

Here are a few tips and tricks for your curly hair that can come in really handy.

All About Washing!  


It’s better to not wash your hair every day, like you might in summers. As your hair looks dry in other seasons, washing it daily will only worsen it. Although, make sure you give your hair a good wash in case your hair becomes very frizzy. Moreover, use a gentle shampoo to maintain the texture.

Hydrating Conditioner for Happy Hair 


Conditioners help smoothen your hair and you need to ensure that you get a hair conditioning massage done after the shampoo. As the humid weather can make your hair sticky, it’s best to use light conditioner during this season. Use a heavy conditioner only once in a while to give your hair a deep cleanse.

Wide Tooth Comb to the Rescue


As curly hair is really sensitive, make sure you don’t put a comb or a brush through it. It will only make your hair frizzier and make it lose all its shape. Simply run your fingers through your hair during the wash to detangle it. Otherwise, it’s best to use a wide tooth comb, preferably a wooden one. That will prevents split ends, hair breakage and goes easy on the scalp!

Scrunch. Scrunch. Scrunch.


The best and the natural way to add bounce to your hair, is to scrunch it. Spray a good gel, serum or mousse and scrunch your hair from the ends. It will also give your hair a nice texture while making your hair look voluminous.

Braids and Buns for the Perfect Shape


All the tossing and turning leads to friction between your hair and the pillow and can also cause hair breakage. Instead, braid your hair or make a bun before going to bed. That way, not only will your hair not break but also, it will let your curls stay in shape.

Hair Dryer – Your Smart Companion


Hair dryers that cannot control heat can lead to more hair frizz. But the right hair dryer, with all the heat control switches, truly helps you retain the shine and texture along with letting you stylise it the way you want. Simply use a quality serum before blow drying it.

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