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Foods to Avoid During the Monsoon

July 31, 2017

Monsoons for us are equal to steaming hot cups of chai and plate fulls of pakodas. But that does not mean they don’t bring with them a plethora of infections. Monsoon like other seasons bring with it the a list of what to and what not to eat. Here are some food items to avoid during the rainy season:

Say NO to Leafy Vegetables

Image-3 Wait, what? Yes you heard that right! Leafy vegetables should be avoided during monsoons. Whether it’s the iron-rich spinach, or cabbage full of vitamins, the damp weather makes them highly susceptible to germs. Instead, substitute those vegetables with bitter guards, pumpkins or brinjals. Make sure you wash your veggies thoroughly.

Stay Away from Sea Food


Monsoon is breeding season for fish and shrimp and it is best to avoid them for a couple of months. Choose poultry over seafood to satiate your non-vegetarian cravings! However, if you’re heart is stuck on sea food, make sure that you choose the freshest of the lot and take extra care while cooking. Enjoy your favourite meal in these exquisite dinner sets, this monsoon.

Avoid Fried Food


Feasting on fried or oily food during monsoons messes with the digestion system and also leads to unnecessary bloating.

Food from Roadside Vendors


Any food which is exposed to the contaminated air or might be made with contaminated water, ought to be avoided. The air tends to breed all kinds of germs and infections. It’s best to not eat cut fruits, salads or even sandwiches during this season.
Stay safe and healthy this monsoon !

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