June 14, 2018

Ever heard of the term terracewear? It has its roots set in the culturally rich British heritage where people eat, sleep and breathe football. The football terrace is the place where it all unravels. Euphoria, madness, or fandom, call it what you may!

Terracewear is an ideal example of how social events or hobbies can influence the way people dress. It’s a trend through which football fans express their solidarity with their favourite teams.

With the FIFA World Cup 2018 starting this week, it’s time you hopped onboard the football bandwagon. So, whether you’re watching a match at a stadium or simply catching up on a game at a sports bar, look the part of an avid football fan!

Debonair-In-A-Denims-T-Shirt-Combo_Football Fan Fashion

Ultimate Comfort, Maximum Style– Sporty doesn’t always need to be a jersey-track pants combo. Add that sporty soccer edge to your look in a pair of joggers or track pants and a tee. And, if you don’t mind looking like the football fanatic, go the extra mile and try on a sports-inspired tee. But, if you’re trying to make a subtle impact, simply choose a smart polo neck t-shirt in the colours of your favourite team!

Sporty-In-Shorts-And-A-Hoodie_Football Fan Fashion

Laidback Vibes– Bonding over sports remains the absolute excuse to take the laid back route when it comes to dressing. So leverage on the opportunity! Turn up like you would for a casual jaunt in a pair of shorts. Retain the sporty vibe of the look by slipping over a lightweight hooded sweatshirt. Unapologetically casual; no questions asked!

Football-Crazy-In-Cargos-And-A-Top_Football Fan Fashion

The Playtime Style Fix– For the style conscious who’ll go beyond the conventional pair of shorts, the ultimate fashion fix lies in a comfy jumpsuit romper. Lend it that sporty tinge by infusing your team colour code. Try a cool bomber jacket as a value addition to your football-inspired look!

Holla-In-Culottes-And-A-Crop_Football Fan Fashion

Meet Quirky And Sporty– While everyone else is trying to get their hands on a pair of shorts and a jersey, we trust you with keeping it quirky. Try on a pair of  culottes, a striped topand your everyday sneakers to nail the look. Absolute style sprinkled with subtle sporty elements; this is a look you’ve got to try!

Classy-With-Time-Pieces_Football Fan Fashion

Accessorise It Right– Every ensemble deserves a hint of accessories. We recommend a watch for both men and women that syncs in with your sporty look. A sports watch fits the bill, combining both functionality and refinement.

Show-Up-In-Sports-Shoes_Football Fan Fashion

Tie It Down To A Sporty Finish– There’s no leaving out the comfy pair of sneakers in the football fashion line-up! It’s one piece of footwear every fan needs to get their look on point. Pick a pair by a brand that sponsors your team and dress like your favourite football stars do!

The FIFA World Cup 2018 is an event that will be watched the world over. So get your styling right and cheer your team till the end!
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