April 26, 2017

A good haircut can completely reinvent your look and even change the way that people perceive you. While you may feel apprehensive about experimenting with your hairstyles, keeping up with the current trending hairstyles, will up your style game in an instant! To get with the times, take a look at the top four trendy haircuts for men in 2017.

Messy Textures


Source : Pexels.com

A casual and simple hairstyle, the messy textured cut is best suited on men with longer hair. If you are one of those who doesn’t mind spending a little extra time styling your hair, then this is a look you should consider! With longer hair towards the front section, and shorter hair on the back and sides, this hairstyle does not require you to be an expert stylist to look dapper.

Simply slick a bit of hair styling gel or cream through it and run a wide-toothed comb through your locks, and you’re ready to go!

The Undercut


One of the most often seen haircuts on men in 2016, the undercut is still widely popular. If you haven’t as yet plucked up the nerve to get this daring cut done, now is the time for you to take the leap! This haircut keeps the hair longer on the top and short everywhere else.

If you are unsure about getting an undercut, start with a less extreme cut, where the top hair fades into the side portions gradually. Feeling adventurous? Then try out a disconnected undercut that has a sharp fade on the sides.

Cropped Hair


The cropped or buzz-cut has been around for a while now but it has been gaining popularity in recent times, thanks to its fuss-free look and styling. This haircut follows a standard length all around, keeping the cut close to the scalp.

For those who have silky hair and wish to keep it a little longer, you can try a spiky look, by styling your hair with some hair gel. A hairstyle that stays exactly how you want it to, from the beginning of the day until the end, the cropped cut is for the man who is always on the go!

Long Fringes


Source : Machohairstyles.com

From angular to long and side-parted, the trend of longer fringes on men has been doing the rounds, since it first cropped up on fashion runways across the world. While it is undoubtedly a high-maintenance hairstyle, this look can transform your look into a high-fashion one, with just a flip of your hair!

For this cut, the sides are kept tapered and the top front portion is cut at an angle. This can then be left loose or styled with hair gel. Try parting your hair to one side and then holding it into place with hair spray to get the pompadour hairstyle.

Be sure to analyse your hair-type and facial structure before you decide to get a particular haircut.

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