July 25, 2016

It’s pouring like anything isn’t it? While most of us would be stuck blaming the rain for a spoil day, it is the kids who make the most of it. Dancing around in rain suddenly seems like their fav thing to do. It’s not just fun in the monsoons, rains bring with them cold, flu and seasonal impurities too. It’s easy to control new-borns from not going out in the rain, but what do you do with your curious older ones? Keeping kids busy on a rainy day is no piece of cake, especially when they tend to lose interest as fast as the clouds disappear in the sky. When the kids are bored and the weather is frightful, take out the apron, board games, scissors, paper, paint brushes, colours, glue and put on your thinking caps.

Bring Out The Picasso In Your Kid

sponge painting

Who knew that you can make many cool art work using sponges? When there is nowhere to go in this gloomy weather, sponge painting is perfect for kids and for mothers who fear the cleaning more than the activity. Kids can make as much mess as they like whilst learning how to sponge paint and you won’t have to worry about a big clean-up job as it’s fairly easy to clean-up after.

Next Master Chef


Do your kids love to help you cook dinner?  If you have a potential chef in your family, then an interesting cooking activity is sure to catch your little one’s attention this monsoon and keep them occupied.  Make pastries, cakes or even sandwiches in the shape they like, and you’ll have one happy kid this gloomy weather.

Engaging Crafty Project


Got a few young promising artists in the house? It’s a given fact that soothing sounds, like the sound of falling rain, can always brighten up your mood. A homemade rain stick is sure to do just that! Listen to the tinkling rain sound and throw an impromptu rain dance party in your living room. Perfect for creating your very own indoor rainy-day experience!

Treasure Hunt

Treasure Hunt

Looking for the ultimate tedium-buster for your kids stuck indoor while it’s pouring cats and dogs? Even though treasure chest filled with toffees and goodies is a fun find for most kids, the real treasure is in the hunt!  Give your kids a makeover with a pirate patch, and let them find the treasure in boondocks of your home. An ultimate kids’ adventure!

Get The Board Games Out

Board Games

Kids can really miss their outdoor leisure time during rainy days. Why not make the most of these days, with countless ways to spend time indoors and have fun! And board games are an excellent way to kill boredom, bond as a family, and develop skills like problem solving and creativity in your child. Let’s challenge them for a game or two!

Keep your kids engaged in


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