August 18, 2017

The sound of the rhythmic dhols, loud chants in the name of almighty, an abundance of colours everywhere and magnanimous idols of Lord Ganesh overpowering it all, the enthusiasm reverberates in the air. The festival of Ganesh Chaturthi is a joyous occasion celebrated all over the country. Many followers are looking for decoration ideas to decorate their homes and ornate the lord in the fanciest way during this festival. Since Ganesh Chaturthi is just round the corner, here are simple DIY’s craft ideas for home decor you can try to create unique décor this year and make the most of this festival.

Make the Cut With Thermocol


Get your hands on big pieces of thermocol which are think in size. Make simple outlines on it and take a cutter and cut on it accordingly. Then join the pieces together and make a beautiful décor surrounding the throne of the idol. You can also paint the pieces and make intricate designs. This DIY hack is a simple yet a beautiful design can be used as a you can try this Ganesh Chaturthi.

A Beautiful Background Speaks a Thousand Emotions


Take three colours of crepe paper and cut them into rectangular pieces. Remember your childhood where the easiest craft to make was a paper fan? Similarly make fans out of these rectangular pieces, spread them and attach it together. Make a variety of these and stick on the background of the idol. You can use papers with beautiful designs as well to enhance the look and is a great decoration idea. Not only is this DIY easy, but the background is a definite eye catcher making the devotee’s eye more drawn to the idol.

Long Lasting Flowers


Instead of getting real flowers to decorate the idol and your homes, why not make them with colourful papers instead? Here is the idea. Not only will these flowers last longer since they are made out of paper, but you can play with colours of your choice and make the decorations for home a thematic one! You can achieve this by taking cardboard papers of colours of your choice, cut out petal shapes and stick them together. Cut out smaller shapes of petals with either a different shade or a contrasting colour and place it inside the bigger petal to add depth. You can also make leaves and attach it to the flowers. These decorative accessories can be placed in different corners of your home or around the idol. Simple to make but a long lasting effect, a DIY you can try as one of the home decoration ideas.

Arch it Artistically


Another simple DIY is to make a beautiful base around the idol which requires only craft paper. Pick warm colours like pinks and purples, draw out outlines in the form of leaves and cut the paper out accordingly. Then take these pieces and attach it on top of another in a circular form. This takes the shape of a lotus. Make it in various sizes and place it around the idol accordingly. Finally you can glue the different pieces together making a beautiful DYI décor and after the festival use then as home decor accessories .

This Ganesh Chaturthi show your creative with  home decor accessories and use these simple DIY decor ideas as festival decorations.

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