August 18, 2016

How many hours do you spend at your desk at work? – Probably more than you do at home! As long as you are there, why not make your time a little more fun? You could use a few office décor tips to achieve a mini makeover of your desk.

More space
First, you need to ensure that you are sitting comfortably at your desk. It’s finally time to put those 10 different things where they actually belong and create some space to breath. How about a permanent space where you can write your notes comfortably?

Task organisation
Arrange your folders to provide a better assortment of tasks. An inbox and outbox system perhaps! A letter organiser to keep the file folders could be pretty useful here, helping you avoid a pile up of daily assignments. And, you also don’t need every single thing on top of your desk, but only those you’d use every day.

It could be simply in the form of arranging books and other differently coloured stuff creatively. Bring in the multi-coloured notes to decorate your side of the partition. If you have a partition of enough height, simply add patterned wallpaper to enhance the overall aesthetic of the place. Get inspirational images to hang there as well; something that would be pleasing to look at.

Infuse some life into the dull environment and bring-in a small plant – Nothing too fancy or large. A plant that is easy to take care of and not be a potential hazard to everybody around you, would do quite well.

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Desk tidy
Organise your office supplies and to do that, get a desk tidy. You could get something of a style suited to your liking and the same goes for the material it’s made out of, as wood or stainless steel will do just fine.

Bulletin board
This is in fact a pretty useful piece of office desk accessory to help you identify different memos and reminder notes. Give a dynamic feel to your entire desk and get something stylish and yet quite convenient.

Reports, books and other similar documents can simply find a space in a bookend that could be functional and stylish. You could choose the design you want and offer a more personalised look.

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Bring something which those unconcerned office lighting can’t provide; a warm, homely glow that creates a certain ambiance. You could get a desk lamp to create the perfect atmosphere you need.

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Other accessories
You could choose from a variety of office accessories that include, business card holder, egg cup, pen stand, wooden box, charging dock, etc., to keep your desk a fun and energetic space.

An honest attempt at desk decoration can render a place to be quite inspiring, comforting, or energetic. It doesn’t have to something drastic, but a rather humble effort to help you get through the gruelling work.


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