January 9, 2018

Your home is a special place – yours to love and decorate as you like. Unfortunately, your dream makeover might hit a roadblock thanks to exorbitant price tags.

Worry no more! It’s entirely possible to give your home a fresh new look even on the tightest of budgets. All you need are some creativity and some well-placed accents.

Here are some easy home décor tips that won’t break the bank.

Bring Out The Artificial Flowers

budget home decor_artificial flowers

Brighten up your home by popping bunches of artificial flowers in inexpensive glass bottles or jars. Unlike real flowers, they won’t need constant replacing, making them a great option for home décor on a budget.

Add A Dash Of Green

Budget home decor_plants

If artificial flowers are not your thing, go for the real deal by picking out some potted cacti. Low maintenance and easy on the eyes, these budget home décor pieces will add a fresh vibe to your home.

Choose Rugs For A Luxe Feel

Budget home decor_rugs

If you want to create an air of warmth in your home, opt for colourful rugs. Cheaper than wall-to-wall carpeting, they can be used in the centre of the room, or paired with floor pillows to make a cosy corner.

Throw Colourful Cushion Covers

Budget home decor_cushion covers

You don’t have to reupholster your furniture to brighten up your living room. Add bright accents in the form of colourful cushion covers. You can change them depending on your mood, making them an easy pick for versatile home décor on a budget.

Tea Light It Up

Budget home decor_tea light

Not only are tea lights a less expensive alternative to candles, they can also be mixed and matched to create some colourful decoration. Place a single one on a saucer, or set a bunch of them afloat in a large dish of water to create an interesting centrepiece.

With these home décor ideas, make your space feel even more yours, without emptying your wallet. Shop for budget home décor items online here.

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