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    September 27, 2019
  • Learn To Take Care Of Your Everyday Jewellery
    Tips & Tricks

    Learn To Take Care Of Your Everyday Jewellery

    Caring for the precious everyday jewellery you own could be quite the task and may seem demanding. While we’re always taught to take care of gold and diamond jewellery, we don’t really pay attention to the everyday pieces we own. Taking care of them doesn’t take much effort and can help them last for longer. […]

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    September 13, 2019
  • Cutlery You Must Own if You're Planning to Host Parties
    Food Drinks & Parties

    Cutlery You Must Own if You’re Planning to Host Parties

    With the festive season about to start, everyone is busy making celebration plans. New clothes, jewellery, accessories, gifts, home décor items, sweets – these are just some of the items on everyone’s shopping lists. But if you’re someone who enjoys hosting parties and having people over to celebrate festivals like Dussehra, Diwali, Christmas or New […]

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    August 28, 2019
  • Décor Ideas

    Décor Ideas For Festive Occasions

    Festivals in India are about celebrations with your relatives and loved ones. All the festive meeting and greeting takes place at homes. Hence, a common tradition in India is giving houses a makeover during festivals. Cleaning the house, arranging decorative lights, polishing antique articles, changing the curtains and sheets are some practices on the to-do […]

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    August 2, 2019
  • Décor Ideas

    Where There Is Scent There Is Happiness

    The power of aromatherapy to invigorating one’s home is a concept that has been around for thousands of years. Various cultures- from the ancient Chinese, Indian and Egyptians have included aromatic plant components in balms and oils, to be used for religious and medicinal purposes. Even today, aromatherapy is widely used to promote health and […]

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    July 26, 2019
  • Tips & Tricks

    Monsoon Care For Your Clothes And Footwear

    The light pitter-patter of rain on your roof, a humid afternoon, cool and windy nights and a greener garden are all signs of something Indian cities can’t escape – the beautiful season of monsoon. No matter which part of the country you live in, you will have rainy days ringing your doorbell by mid-July. While […]

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    July 19, 2019
  • Tips & Tricks

    Guide To Making The Most Of The Sale Season

    Most of us look forward to sales- it’s the time of the season when we can refill our wardrobe with fresh fashion choices without putting too much stress on our wallet. However, shopping for a sale can be stressful too. Waiting in long queues, websites crashing, our favourite tops going out of stock- it can […]

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    July 11, 2019
  • Style Guide Tips & Tricks

    Sale Shopping Tips That Will Help You Stay Ahead In The Game

    One thing that drives up everyone’s mood is hearing about a great sale! Each season, some of our favourite brands slash their prices to tempt budget-conscious shoppers to empty their wallets. Glistening racks filled with alluring merchandise await you as push through crowded stores making your way to that bustling changing room. On the other hand, online […]

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