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    August 9, 2018
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    An Infant Accessory List For New Moms

    Being a new mom is an exciting journey filled with happiness, laughter, fun, and bonding. But you’d agree that the road to parenthood also comes with the responsibility of providing and caring for your bundle of joy. While shopping for baby clothing and toys is the first thing new parents do, don’t forget to add […]

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    July 18, 2018
  • Top 6 Indoor Activities For Those Gloomy Rainy Days
    Tips & Tricks

    Top 6 Indoor Activities For Gloomy Rainy Days

    Now that monsoon is here, our weekend priorities may change a bit. Our usual Friday and Saturday night outs may be swapped with some time indoors. Whether it’s the weather that is making you cancel plans or you want to enjoy some ‘me’ time, it is time to make your indoor rain game strong! Here’s […]

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    July 5, 2018
  • Tips To Keep Your Leggings Looking Brand New
    Tips & Tricks

    Tips To Keep Your Leggings Looking Brand New

    Whether you have a pair of leggings you wear all week or seven pairs you switch up through the seven days, we don’t judge! We could practically live in them if it were up to us! Leggings often remain our first choice when it comes to styling our ethnic wear. Besides, they are just perfect […]

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    June 27, 2018
  • The Leather Care and Maintenance Guide
    Tips & Tricks

    Monsoon Leather Care and Maintenance Guide

    We spend a fortune on buying leather bags, purses, and shoes. But monsoon could be a huge deal breaker, if your statement accessories are left unattended! Although durable, leather stands at a high risk of succumbing to the high levels of moisture in the air. Don’t wait to wake up to damaged leather, here are […]

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    June 4, 2018
  • 5 Simple Yet Effective Ways To Save The Environment
    Tips & Tricks

    5 Simple Yet Effective Ways To Save The Environment

    Does the Marvel and DC universe fascinate you? Do you sometimes wish that you were a superhero in real life? Well, your dream isn’t too far-fetched. It all starts with you being a super hero in your own little way because it’s none other than our environment that’s in dire need of one! Let us […]

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    May 14, 2018
  • School Essentials For Your Little One
    Tips & Tricks

    Back To Classroom – The School Essentials Checklist

    When school resumes after the term-end examination, it’s a time of unlimited joy for your little one. It indicates the beginning of a new academic year and the opportunity to bond with his school buddies, so expect your child to be as happy as you’d be on New Year’s day.  With new classrooms, glossy books, and funky school bags and […]

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