November 2, 2017

Pyjama Parties or slumber parties usually mean heaven for children and hell for parents! Hyperactive or homesick kids and those that simply refuse to go to sleep can be quite difficult to manage.

A simple solution – Have a half-sleepover! That is, kids come over dressed in their pyjamas, play games, eat yummy food, stay up late, and watch a movie. Simply put, it involves everything they would do at a regular sleepover, with the only difference being that they would go home to sleep.

However, even for such a party, there would be a fair amount of preparation involved. You will have to come up with activity ideas for the children and maybe even games to keep them occupied. Here are a few ideas you could use to keep the party going!


Board Games

Board Games

You are never too old to play board games – especially if they’re classic ones like Ludo, Snakes and Ladders or Monopoly! If your little ones are too young to play these, you can try games for kids like Lego, which would work just as well. Set the Lego boards up for them and let them get creative!

Art And Craft

Art and Craft

Art and craft are easy kids’ activities while also being constructive. What’s more? It’ll keep them occupied for quite long! Give them chart paper or even better, a blank pillowcase and have them execute their bright ideas. You could even give them DIY kits to make bracelets or friendship bands!

Movie Night

Movie Night

This is amongst the most common kids’ activities at sleepovers. Let the kids pick their favourite movie and you play it for them. This will keep them busy for about 2-3 hours and hopefully you’ll be able to take a cat nap during this time!

Snacks and Dessert

Snacks and Dessert

Last but definitely not the least, food is a major component of any party. Here, you can either go for yummy fried finger foods or healthy snacks like fruit kebabs dipped in yogurt served in style. Dessert is, of course a must. Lay out different flavours of ice cream; the kids are sure to anticipate this treat!

After all this, you’ll have some satisfied kids going home to bed on time, which also means less stress for you in the morning after the pyjama party!

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