How To Find Your Perfect Foundation Shade
September 12, 2018

Right from weddings to college parties, foundation has been an integral part of every makeup kit for years. But the story of foundation has not always been about inclusivity in terms of shades, as it is now. For decades, Indians have been fixated on fair skin and have even tried umpteen ways to achieve it.

But, in recent times, the beauty industry has become inclusive and the world is now more aware and accepting of beauty in all forms. Some brands have as many as 60 unique shades for a vast range of skin tones.

Take a look at how foundation inclusivity has empowered women to embrace their natural skin colour and how can you find the best foundation for Indian skin.

Looking Back

Looking-Back_Skin Foundation Inclusivity


It now sounds bizarre that foundation, which has always been such an important part of every makeup kit had only a limited number of shades until recently. It was not uncommon for women to settle for shades that were only slightly closer to their actual skin tone. Mixing two foundations was the only way to achieve the desired shade. But again, this added task of buying two bottles was not convenient for all! To add to the misery, the mix and match trick of the liquid foundation often ran the risk of being a major makeup faux pas.

Increasing Awareness

Increasing-Awareness_Skin Foundation Inclusivity


Fast forward several years, and here we are, aware and accepting of natural beauty. The advent of the Internet was largely responsible for spreading knowledge and helped people fall in love with themselves. Popular figures from the entertainment industry openly spoke about the issue, sharing their personal experiences about not finding the right shade. This served as a harsh blow to the fairness industry as the focus shifted from striving to have fairer skin to embracing and accepting the natural skin tone.

Brand Acceptance

Brand-Acceptance_Skin Foundation Inclusivity


Luxury brands like Estee Lauder were amongst the first to introduce a broad range of shades, that featured a liquid foundation for every skin tone.  Popular brands like Maybelline and Revlon also focused on makeup inclusivity for all skin tones. This was a bonus for women as they finally found makeup that matched their skin tone! To send across the message of inclusivity, these brands began to feature models in every colour of the skin tone spectrum, encouraging women to not change but accept their natural beauty!

Who Wears What

Who Wears What_Skin Foundation Inclusivity


The task of finding the right shade is quite simple. Start by determining your natural undertone. Depending on whether you fall under the cool, warm, or neutral undertone, you can settle on the right shade of foundation. Use the silver-gold compatibility test or simply check the colour of your veins to know your undertone.

Based on the results, follow the foundation shades selection tips mentioned below:

  • Cool Undertone: Opt for shades that appear red or pinkish. If you manage to find a ‘C’ highlighted on the bottle, you’ve found your foundation match.
  • Warm Undertone: Foundations that appear to have a golden or yellow tinge are best suited for warm skin. Look for a ‘W’ on the bottle, to be sure.
  • Neutral Undertone: While picking a foundation for a neutral undertone, opt for products that are not specifically for the cool or warm undertones. Instead opt for a medium shade is neither too pink nor too yellow. Look for bottles that feature an ‘N’ to make it easier.

Powder foundations are a great option for those who prefer regular touch-ups. Foundation inclusivity is a step towards making makeup more diverse. It is a revolutionary change and is a sign that beauty is finally being accepted in every form.

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