June 12, 2017

Every once in a while, a golden day comes along when you can take break from the usual routine and really relax. After the hectic schedule, you know you have earned this time to just put your feet up and rest easy. Isn’t it even better when one of these days coincides with a sale day in your favourite store? So, go ahead and enjoy this day and rejoice life!

Breezy Brunchin’


You can go to your favourite restaurant and let the morning sun seep into your skin as you munch on quiches, croissants or bacon. Wear one of your prettiest dresses as you enjoy the beginning of a great day.

Spa Time


When you feel beautiful, you look beautiful. It’s your day to reward yourself, to feel radiant and amazing. After a great brunch, visit a spa, maybe get a massage and watch all your worries dissipate.

A Trip To The Salon


It’s your day and one of the only days you will probably have to be out and free! So, go out there and make it worthwhile. After having an amazing time at the spa, you can head over to the salon. Maybe get a new hairstyle or get a facial done. You can even pamper yourself with a pedicure or a manicure.



You day has been pretty great and with shopping it only gets better! The icing on top of the cake is the fact that sales are up and your spirits should be too. You can gift yourself that dress you’ve been eyeing or those shoes that always seemed out of your budget. End your perfect day with good old shopping spree followed by an iced-coffee.

Try out these suggestions and create the best day for yourself!

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