March 7, 2019

The word ‘ACID’ may have raised eyebrows when it was introduced to skin care. As you read, you will discover that the properties of hyaluronic acid are exactly opposite compared to any other acid.

Using hyaluronic acid products does not mean we are introducing our skin to a new element. It’s found in the highest concentrations like in the eye fluids, connective tissues and joints. Your skin constitutes almost half of the total amount of hyaluronic acid present in your body! The past few years have seen people choosing hyaluronic acid products as a part of their skincare regime. From moisturisers to serums and even skin treatments, hyaluronic acid is present everywhere!

Let’s wrap our heads around how the revolutionary hyaluronic acid benefits our skin.

Acts As a Natural Moisturiser

Acts As a Natural Moisturiser_hyaluronic acid benefits


Your body possesses hyaluronic acid, half of which is present in your skin! It binds to water, thereby helping it retain moisture and keeping your tissues moist. A hyaluronic acid molecule can hold up to 1000 times its weight in water! No surprises here, from where it gets its boost of moisture. It’s natural ability to retain moisture in the skin for a long, long time is responsible for its popularity in recent times.

Leaves Skin Glowing

Leaves Skin Glowing_Hyaluronic Acid benefits


Naturally found in abundance in plants, animals and humans, hyaluronic acid depletes as we age. It is abundantly present in newborns. That is why babies have plump and glowing skin. Its water retention capacity delivers glowing and radiant skin as it keeps skin well hydrated. However, there are numerous ways to restore hyaluronic acid in your body. While hyaluronic acid products do the trick, an HA serum will do wonders for your skin with its deep penetration formula!

Aids Ageing Problems

Aids Ageing Problems_Hyaluronic Acid benefits


Dubbed as the ‘molecule of youth’, hyaluronic acid is a knight in shining armour for ageing skin problems. With its intense moisturising and nourishing properties, it can turn back time! Over time, your skin starts losing its natural radiance. Fine lines and wrinkles start to appear, which hamper its appearance. This happens because hyaluronic acid is constantly depleting from your body. Hyaluronic acid restores the natural moisture barrier of your skin, thereby making it plump, dewy and wrinkle-free! It’s time you bid those pesky wrinkles goodbye!

Treats Damaged Skin

Treats Damaged Skin_Hyaluronic Acid benefits


Hyaluronic acid has proven to be a multi-tasker with its healing properties. Did you know that the naturally present HA in our body decreases when a wound requires healing? That’s where you lose a lot of HA from the body. Direct application to wounds can visibly heal the wounded area. It has been noted that applying hyaluronic acid products decreases pain. With its anti-bacterial properties, it even reduces the risk of infection making it a win-win!

Prevents Allergic Reactions & Infections

Prevents Allergic Reactions & Infections_Hyaluronic Acid benefits


People with sensitive skin can rejoice as hyaluronic acid can help keep them away from allergies and infections. It has anti-inflammatory properties that help reducing triggers and keep allergies at bay. Hyaluronic acid also keeps healing your skin constantly by providing skin-soothing moisture!

Hyaluronic acid products are a blessing for everyone who suffers from skin dryness and wants to combat skin ageing. So, get ready to solve your skin problems with the best hyaluronic acid serum!

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