January 29, 2019

Bookworms love reading corners, be it at home, in a train, a park, a crowded bookstore, or even a metro. We yearn for cosy and comfortable places oozing with literary vibes.

While finding such public places is not easy, here are some home library design ideas that can help you convert your favourite little spot at home into a nice and cosy library. In fact, with these library decoration ideas, you can even convert your existing reading corner into a well-organised and personalised home library.


Warm Setting_library design ideas

Source: decoist.com

Look for an unused corner of your house. You might be surprised at what you were overlooking. Pick a spot near a window, the bedside, or even a balcony (if you are blessed with one). Look for a space where you need to make minimal alterations or upgrades. Ideally, the best spot for your library would be where you can get some natural light.

Set up the corner according to your requirements like add a bed or chair or, a swing, lounger or even a low bed seating arrangement for additional comfort. To add to the mood, you can place indoor plants and a colourful rug.


Soothing Colours_library design ideas

Source: amazinginteriordesign.com

Adding colours to your reading corner will give it a lively feel. To avoid distractions, choose soothing colours instead of bright ones. You can opt for pastel shades like violet, peach, purple, etc.

You can also consider adding textures to the wall for the next level of personalisation. To give your home library more purpose, hand-write and hang inspiring quotes from your favourite books and authors.  


Reading Light_library design ideas

Source: homedit.com

Lighting with the right intensity and illuminance can make a lot of difference to the overall reading experience. Too bright or too dull lights can strain your eyes and bring a sense of fatigue, affecting your reading ability and total read time.

A combination of the correct lighting and ambience can make a reading session more comfortable. Adding a lampshade with reading lights can be a great library design idea and will help brighten your nook without spending much. To set up a cosy feel, decorate the corner with a set of fairy lights.


Contemporary Bookshelf_library design ideas

Source: homemydesign.com

Contemporary bookshelves, with a touch of modern design elements, is a must for your home library design. The right-sized furniture can help you manage your current collection and leave room for your future indulgences.

A white-coloured shelf will complement a pastel-coloured wall to accentuate the vibe. Alternatively, try to match the colours of the bookshelf with the rest of the settings so that it is easy on the eye.


Foldable Table_library design ideas

Source: nepinetwork.org

A smart home library design can also help you turn it into a makeshift work area. Use it to place your laptop, sip a drink or a quick snack for those extended and late-night reading sessions.

You can add a foldable table for this purpose. It brings a world of convenience, does not take up much space, and adds to the utility value of your home library. Instead of a foldable table you can also consider adding a side table or a coffee table to the setting.

These library decoration ideas will be the perfect hack to turn your empty space into a lively library corner.

Try out these home library design ideas to turn your bookshelf into a mini personal library!


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