August 10, 2017

This Independence Day try something different and celebrate the day in a unique way! Call your friends over and treat them to delicious tricolour food and let your affection for the nation be served with a tangy touch.

Tricoloured Idli- A Classic Reimagined

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Tricoloured idli is a variation of the simple white idli. Indian food recipes are incomplete without the masala and spices. Turn the standard white idli orange and green  with a carrot and spinach puree respectively. Serve this lip-smacking dish in some fancy crockery and make it a happy independence day, indeed.

Tangy Tricolour Pulao

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If you are someone who loves to savour different rice styles, pulao is the way to go. Follow the procedure to cook rice and prepare three different mixtures. For the orange colour, make a paste of carrot, tamarind and tomato and mix it with the rice. Adding coriander or  peas mash  to the rice will get you the needed green colour.  Stack the cooked rice one on top of the other in the tri colour and arrange them in exquisite bowls or a serving plate. This delicious trio combination will definitely satiate your gastronomical cravings.

Tantalising Tricoloured Pasta Salad


If you are wanting to try something different this independence week? Then savour an international dish desi style. Note that it is healthy and delicious too! Tricoloured pasta salad is what you can opt for, this pasta is easily available in stores. You can get the different coloured pasta and prepare it with veggies, accompanied with tangy and zesty Italian seasoning.

All-Time Favourite Tricoloured Rawa Dosa

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Give your regular dosa a healthy tricoloured twist this Independence Day! All you need to do is prepare batter and chutney in three different colours. Once it’s done, arrange the dosas on a serving platter, akin to the colours of Indian flag. Grease the layers with olive oil and add tangy tadka on top to make the flavour just right.

Binge watch patriotic movies while indulging in some mouth-watering food and you have the perfect recipe to relish this Independence week!

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