August 22, 2016

Bulgari entered the exclusive sphere of Haute Parfumerie with its Le Gemme Collection which is inspired by the tradition of high jewellery and its values of excellence and uniqueness. Starting with six colourful fragrances, each representing a symbolic gemstone, Bulgari has now expanded to a new line of fragrances Le Gemme Orientali.  The   original six scents represent jewels or rare richness expressing Bulgari’s passion for exquisite and exceptional raw materials.


Designed by master perfumer Daniela Andrier, Le Gemme Orientali is a tribute to the emblematic gemstones of the Arabian Peninsula: Imperial Topaz with its sun golden glow, Carnelian with its incandescent red and Lapis Lazuli with its royal night blue; and consists of three complementary perfumes. Each fragrance is captured inside an exquisite bottle with deep colours that echo the gemstone’s purity.  The sculpted cap is inspired by the intricate mosaics of Bulgari Intarsio jewellery collection. Here is what the collection consists of –



Zahira meaning shining and luminous in Arabic, is described as a desert odyssey of fiery intensity, lit by the sun kissed radiance of Imperial Topaz. The gemstone itself was first harnessed by the high priests and priestesses of Ra – The Egyptian Sun God. BVLGARI ZAHIRA bestows confidence and charisma, transporting one on an exhilarating journey to the sun and sands of Arabia. Middle East is synonymous with spices and the perfume too opens powerfully with the heat of cinnamon graduating to rich tones of Ylang Ylang.



A soothing, incandescent oriental-spicy eau de parfum of fiery red energy, SELIMA is endowed with the restorative powers of Carnelian. It is portrayed with spices, fruit, saffron, pimento, pink peppercorn and dates and sustained with the sensual opacity of cedar wood. Imbued with the fragrant ointments and perfumes of Arabia, it plunges us into the seductive, fascinating world of Babylon.



As dark blue as a desert night sky, Lapis Lazuli has symbolized the celestial elements for as long as history can remember. Sumerian kings and queens bade farewell to our earthly realm in tombs beautifully inlaid with this rare and valuable stone. Coveted by the queen of queens, the gem was turned into a mesmerizing eye powder, imparting a sublime, hypnotic intensity to the gaze of fair Cleopatra. A night-time fragrance, this one opens with a floral cascade of jasmine and slowly modulates into a profoundly enigmatic and vaporous incense and lingers in the air diffusing a scent of distinguished royal oud wood.

With Le Gemme perfume series, Bulgari has created a spectacular Map of the Precious – with Stones and Fragrances intimately linked in time and space. With a total of 3 collections titled – Le Gemme Original, Le Gemme Imperiali and Le Gemme Orientali each containing 3 special perfumes, Le Gemme is definitely a precious gem in itself. A gem you should own.

Le Gemme collection is only available in Shoppers Stop, Saket; Delhi.


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