December 5, 2017

Christmas is a wonderful time of the year, but for many, it is one of the busiest ones too. Amidst buying gifts, preparing food, and attending parties, a lot want to transform their houses into a wonderland.

Well, inspiration is not far away! Listed below are a few warm and festive decor ideas for winter that would complement your house.

Focus on Furniture

Focus on Furniture-winter decor

As the temperature dips low, rearrange your furniture. Focus the furniture around a central point to create a warm and cosy look.  You can also purchase a sofa set or sofa pillow covers in winter colours and uplift the look of your room.

Colour, Colour Everywhere

Colour Colour Everywhere_winter decor

Style your chair with an earthy coloured cushion or a dark shaded duvet. Skip the bright colours in favour of richer tones for your Christmas home decor. Make sure you use a combination of colours that matches well with your winter home furnishings. Use artificial flowers for decoration to tie in the look.

Mirror Mirror

Mirror Mirror_winter decor

As the days will be shorter, you need to make most of the natural light that is available. Hang a large mirror on a blank space to reflect light throughout the room. You can also paint the frame in an eye-catching colour or surround it with some artifical flower wall decor to give your room a stunning look.

Play With The Lights

Play With The Lights_winter decor

Hanging decorative lights is a great decor idea for winters. They will look wonderful above the dining table. Team them with white tea lights  or candles in glass candle holders to transform even simple wooden furniture. This will also make your home look refreshingly calm and unfussy.

Get Into The Holiday Spirit

Get Into The Holiday Spirit_winter decor

Christmas home decor doesn’t always require a tree. Put up some Christmas tree decorations on the wall and stay away from the hassle of cleaning the mess of pine needles. For a pretty window curtain idea, string some fairy lights along the curtain rod for a soft glowing look.

Create your own winter wonderland at home with decor pieces, colourful cushion covers, furnishings and more available online.

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