July 5, 2018

Whether you have a pair of leggings you wear all week or seven pairs you switch up through the seven days, we don’t judge! We could practically live in them if it were up to us!

Leggings often remain our first choice when it comes to styling our ethnic wear. Besides, they are just perfect for everything from our daily work commute to a weekend yoga session. Thanks to the myriad colours and prints available, they are one versatile option that we can always experiment with!

But it’s up to you to keep them looking brand new. So move over the basic step of washing and follow our maintenance guide to keep your leggings bright, stretchable, and comfy!

Use A Mesh Bag

Mesh Bag Protection_Maintenance Guide For Leggings

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Leggings come in an array of different styles with some featuring netted panels and artsy cuts. Retaining their stylish edge after weeks of use could prove to be a challenge. If they accidentally get entangled with any other piece of clothing while being machine-washed, it could be ripped apart. To avoid such an outcome, always place your leggings in a mesh bag. It will protect them from getting snagged by other clothing in the machine and keep them looking new even after a rigorous fabric wash.

Say No To Fabric Softener

Say No To Fabric Softener_Maintenance Guide For Leggings

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The versatile leggings are just as well known for their breathable fabric and sweat-wicking properties as they are for their ultra-stylish appearance. But, when exposed to compounds from fabric care products like fabric softener, these crucial qualities tend to fade away. This happens when the silicone content within softeners create a coating on the fabric, which in turn, destroys their sweat-wicking properties. Also, steer clear of using too much washing powder in your machine as it may get infused in the fabric and trap the bacteria that is already present. This is most likely to happen when your washing machine is unable to rinse off the excess detergent.

Do Not Machine Dry

The Perks Of Sunshine_Maintenance Guide For Leggings

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Once your leggings have completed a cycle in the washing machine, they need to be dried. Avoid machine dryers as the heat could ruin the shape and fabric of the leggings. Instead, lay them flat across a clothes rack to dry. Pick a spot that is not exposed to direct sunlight to prevent the harsh UV rays from fading away the fabric dye. These techniques will add to your fabric care by helping to retain the shape and quality of your leggings. A gentle air dry will dry the fabric without harbouring bacteria.

Put Them On Carefully

Delicate Donning_Maintenance Guide For Leggings

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A little snag is all it takes for leggings to get those unwanted rips and tears. If you pull them up too fast, they could get stuck at your calves and rip at the seams. So instead of rushing through the routine, take it slow. Treat them like delicate stockings. Gather up the leggings in such a way that you’d only need to insert your feet through. Then, slowly roll them up the length of your legs. This way you’ll also be ensuring that your leggings remain stretchable.

Use Cold Water

Freshen Up The Fragrance_Maintenance Guide For Leggings

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Your leggings are usually made from synthetic fabric, and there is something that this fabric is averse to. You guessed it right, it’s hot water! So always ensure you use cold water while tossing them into the washing machine. And another tip is to wash them separately with other synthetic clothing and not with heavy fabrics like denim and cotton. This helps to keep them looking brand new and stretchable!

In addition to these quick legging maintenance tips, you could keep in mind the following hacks to ensure the quality of the fabric:

  • Avoid wring drying leggings as it will ruin their shape
  • Wash them only when necessary as too many wash cycles may give them a worn out look
  • Turn them inside out before a wash cycle as this helps to maintain their colour
  • Don’t iron the elastic waistband of the garment as it could ruin the elasticity
  • Do not put them in wash with coloured garments without a color fastness test

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