Lipstick Trends
April 15, 2019

To say that lipstick as a product has undergone quite a few changes would be an understatement. With lip products branching out into categories like primers, lip tints, crème lipsticks, and lip gloss, to name a few, it can get a tad confusing to keep up with the ever-evolving lipstick trends. Not anymore, for this guide to the latest lipstick trends will put all your lipstick woes to rest and help you pick out the best shades to add to your collection!

Liquid Lipstick

Liquid Lipsticks

Leading the lipstick trends are liquid lipsticks, your one-coat wonder solution to fuller looking lips, minus the hassle. Most women love them because they blend the effects of a lip-gloss along with the rich pigmentation of a lipstick. While they range from matte and waterproof to creamy and glossy, the crème variant is especially popular as it is long lasting, super easy to apply, and hydrating. Pick from shades like brick red, coral, and warm brown if you are looking for versatile hues that stay popular, no matter the season.

Glossy Lips

Lip Gloss

Gone are the days when glossy lips, especially reds, came at the cost of the colour bleeding and staining over time. With improved formulas and some of the best shades, the ultra-shiny lip gloss is back to make waves as one of the top lipstick trends. So, the next time you head out for a house party or dinner date, swipe on a flavoured, glittery gloss over your lipstick for that added shine.

Lip Tints

Lip Tints

There are occasions when you need to paint your lips, and there are those lip-balm-and-chill days, but what about situations where a bold lipstick is too much and a fruity lip balm doesn’t really cut it? Enter lip tint, the cooler cousin of the lip balm. With the long lasting and moisturising effects of a lip balm in pastel or warm shades, it is a crowd favourite when you want that laid-back, yet classy look. So the next time you’re catching up with friends over coffee, apply a coat of lip tint to keep it casual and stay ahead of the beauty game!

Now that you have a fair idea of the different types of lipsticks in trend, let us give you a list of some ‘must-have’ shades that you simply cannot afford to miss out on!

Subtle Nudes

Subtle Nudes

Nude shades are currently the highlight of lipstick trends,as they give you a completely natural, dewy look. The best part is that apart from the no-makeup look, they go exceptionally well with full-blown smoky eyes as well. While most of these colours are suitable for all skin tones, you can also choose the right shade by matching these brown and dusty rose hues against your skin.

Bright Red

Bright Red

Club hopping, cocktail dinner party, and a shopping spree with friends, a bright red lip shade will complement every occasion that needs an oomph factor. Glamorous, bold, and confident- a red lipstick will make you feel all that in just one application, and fans of the cult favourite, Ruby Woo from Mac Cosmetics will swear by it! Glossy red lips have been a Hollywood favourite for decades, with evergreen icons like Audrey Hepburn to bold beauties such as Jennifer Lawrence flaunting it. This is one of those lipstick trends that just never fades (pun intended)!



The perfect shade to channel your sexy side, maroon belongs to the burgundy family and looks ravishing on almost all skin tones. While it has always been considered a winter shade, don’t let the season restrict you from swiping on this warm, bold colour and stealing the show. Pick this shade for Karaoke nights, music concerts, weddings and events, and office parties.



If you are weary of using conventional colours and want to try something quirky and bold, then you should reach out for shades of purple. An intense hue, purple lipstick is all about extravaganza and one of the most gorgeous shades available in the market. Bobbi Brown offers some fantastic purple lip shades that you should add to your collection to instantly uplift your make-up and bring the focus to your lips.



When you are aiming for that sweet, girl next door look, nothing beats a summery peach lipstick shade. It’s a versatile colour that can be worn to the beach or even for a formal office meeting. Play it urban-chic by choosing a matte, liquid lipstick in peach tones, or complete a sophisticated and elegant look with a shimmery, peachy lip gloss.

Lipstick trends have evolved over decades and it wouldn’t be wrong to say that today, we are spoilt for choice with such a huge variety of products to choose from. So head over to Shoppers Stop to buy your next lipstick and pout like a diva!

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