March 27, 2018

2018’s fashion bulletin is officially out with fresh and ongoing trends! These trends are predicted to make it big in fashion circles and expected to make waves among style influencers and editors alike. And it’s time you took note.

Here’s a list of new fashion trends style influencers across the globe will be flaunting in 2018.

Dramatic Sleeves_12 Key Style Trends

Dramatic Sleeves – Okay, allow us a moment to repeat this for the nth time, ‘Sleeves fashion is going to rule’. Go crazy with them, and keep on experimenting with all the styles up your sleeve, quite literally.

Basket Style Bags_12 Key Style Trends

 Basket-Style Bags – Here come fashion trends inspired by eco-friendly fashion movements. A steady inclination to natural materials and organic products has resulted in show stealers like the basket bag and other straw accessories. Fashion influencers are gearing to flaunt the style, you should too!

Chunky Heels_12 Key Style Trends

 Chunky Heels – While sneakers are the de rigueur and pencil heels are the forever favourites, the latest fashion for women that style editors are going ga-ga over are chunky heels. They are the comfy alternatives to thin stilettos and the much-stylised version of wedges.

Sequin Tops And Skirts_12 Key Style Trends

Sequin Tops And Skirts – 2017 saw an uprise in everything glitzy, and 2018 is going to be no exception either. There’s no shying away from shimmery sequin tops and skirts. The safest pairing option is with neutrals when carrying the look during the daytime.

Logo And Graphic T-Shirts_12 Key Style Trends

 Logo And Graphic T-Shirts – Cheesy slogans on T-shirts have taken a backseat and what fashion editors have been seen raving about off-late are logos and minimalist graphics. From quirky one-words to big flashy logos, the casual tee has built a reputation for itself.

Trainers_12 Key Style Trends

Trainers – With the athleisure trend going strong, fashionistas are finding new ways every day to flaunt their sneakers and trainers with almost every outfit. And mind you, not just tracks or jeans, we’re talking about everything from blazers to flowy skirts that are getting the sporty treatment.

60's Floral Print Styles_12 Key Style Trends

 60’s Floral Print Styles – A vintage twist to the evergreen floral trend, 60’s floral print clothing is predominant this spring-summer. Fashion influencers only seem to be taking the style game a notch higher by flaunting the trend in jackets, shoes, dresses, and the list simply goes on!

Overcoats_12 Key Style Trends

Jackets – An ode to the classic, the jacket helps to accessorise like no other. And why just winter? This garment is so popular that you’ll find summer-friendly options too, crafted from lightweight fabric. A style generously sprinkled on the runways, fashion influencers are quite keen on adding this one to their fashion diary in 2018.

Pantsuits_12 Key Style Trends

Pantsuits – If there is one element in the latest fashion trends for women that is worthy of a splurge, it has to be a perfectly tailored pantsuit. From pitch black to accentuated grey to a hot pink, power dressing is in vogue, more than ever!

Colour Rich Outfits_12 Key Style Trends

 Colour-Rich Outfits – High-octane shades are one of the most distinguishing fashion trends in 2018. Forget toning down, fashion editors encourage flaunting vivid monochrome, jewel tones, contrast colour blocking, bright coloured dresses and statement pieces. Now, no more thinking twice before getting into that bright yellow dress!

Polka Dot Print Clothing_12 Key Style Trends

 Polka Dot Print Clothing – 2017 saw an abundance of gingham, and this year, polka dots are going to rock the stage. From monochrome to multi-colour, the dots are going to keep your look together. Fashionistas take note!

Boots_12 Key Style Trends

 Boots – Classic boots are back in the latest fashion trends, especially in high-street fashion. The elegant, no-frills ones are a game-winner with nine to five clothes. However, if you’re not afraid to experiment, take the printed route.

So here are the ultimate style predictions for 2018, set to be flaunted by fashion editors and influencers across the globe. Stay on track with all the new fashion trends by starting off on a shopping spree. Shop here!

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