September 29, 2016

Styling hair is not just about applying a blob of gel in the morning. It involves a lot of hair care and prep for that perfect yet effortless look. Products that cleanse, add shine, texture and life to your hair can help you get that perfect look all day long. Here are a few hair care tips for men that can save their day!

shampooShampoo Away the Grime: The correct way to style your hair is to start with a shampoo that leaves your hair feeling clean and nourished. This will create a clean slate for men to stream their grooming routine. A wide variety of shampoos are now available for men for dry hair, damaged hair, oily hair or dandruff on the scalp.

Organic Helps: Hair styling products often have chemicals that can have a drying effect. To counteract this, pre-moisturizing is extremely important. No girl likes to move her fingers through hair that feel like broom bristles. To pre- moisturise your crowning glory, use a hair conditioner on washed hair. Make sure to use silicone free products to avoid any after-effects. Go for organic ingredients to give your hair the best treatment it deserves.

Get The Right Volume: Sometimes too much use of styling products and appliances like hair dryers can cause deeper damage to your hair. In such cases, conditioners might not be sufficient to get your hair feeling healthy again. In comes the mask to save your day! A hair mask will not only give you revitalised but also voluminous hair that will even make the girls envy you.

Get Rid Of Friziness: Given the humidity and harsh weather conditions of India, not only women, but men are equally prone to frizzy hair. Most of the men would simply tame it with a gel and forget about it. But to really get rid of the frizziness, you need to use anti-frizz serum. Serum will make your hair silkier and smoother so you can style them easily. This product will also add loads of glamour to your hair style.

Spray Vs Serum: For men with greasy hair, spray will work better than serum. Hair spray not only adds shine but also acts as a hair moisturizer. Use a sea salt spray to add texture to your hair, it will help your hair hold the gel for much longer.

Have you tried any hair styling and grooming products? Do you have any tips for grooming? Do let us know in the comments below.

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