July 3, 2017

While many people assume that fashion for men is easy as they have to choose from limited options. But choosing a well-styled outfit that makes you look dapper, can be quite a task. You must consider things like pairing your belt with your shoes, and what socks and shoes to pair with which trousers. To make this a little simpler, here’s a guide that will lay out the trouser-socks-shoes combination for you!

Tip #1


The basic rule is to ensure that your socks are either a shade darker or the same colour as your trousers. If you are wearing dark grey trousers, don charcoal black socks. The exception, however, exists in the case of pants in different shades of brown. In this case, you must wear shoes that are a shade lighter than your socks.

Tip #2


In case you are wearing pinstriped trousers and are confused about which colour of socks to pick, do not fret! Simply wear socks that are in the same colour as the less prominent stripe. This will bring out the pattern more clearly.

Tip #3


If you prefer patterned or stripped socks, be sure that the design is not too overwhelming. The most striking and prominent colour of the pattern should be considered as the base colour, when deciding which trousers to pair them with.

Tip #4


Avoid wearing white socks at all costs as they look dirty quickly, tacky and can distract from your outfit as a whole. Instead, save your white socks for the gym!

Tip #5


If you live a fast-paced life, you are probably looking to simplify your life so that you do not have to pick out a different pair of socks each morning. In that case, first identify your standard outfits, suits and shoes. Once you have done this, pick up a few in different shades of dark blue. This is an easy option, as they will go with almost any trousers you wear.

So stock up on socks and get to work planning your everyday outfits!

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