Men's Guide To Using Summer Clothes For Winter Styling
September 27, 2018

While the seasons have a meet and greet in the passing, you might wonder whether you’d have to consider a serious rethink on your wardrobe; possibly an entire revamp to prep for winter?Well, we have some good news. Forget having to do away with your current clothes and focus on what could be!

Simply re-purpose them and make a few clever additions, team them together and you’ll be just as stylish as you were last season! Take a look.

The Hooded Point Of View_winter styling with summer clothes


The Hooded Point Of View – You may have paired your denim jacket and tee all season, but don’t toss it to the back of your wardrobe, now that winter is here. Simply layer it over your hoodie and see the difference it makes. Style it with slim-fit denims and sneakers and shrug at how effortless it was!

Only A Knit Can Do Justice_winter styling with summer clothes


Only A Knit Can Do Justice – The crisp shirt remains a wardrobe main. Infuse it with a snug winter vibe by slipping over a lightweight knit sweater. And, there’s plenty of scope for accessorising. If you’ve been waiting long enough to flaunt that beanie, now’s the perfect time!

The High-Neck Shift_winter styling with summer clothes


The High-Neck Shift – The all-season bomber jacket can be useful to score some extra style points for winter. Pair it with your high-neck tee or turtleneck and watch the sophistication filtering into your look, all without the need for a blazer! You can even ramp up the easy-going vibe of this look with a baseball cap.

Long Lines Work Best_winter styling with summer clothes


Long Lines Work Best – Take your basic crew neck tee from summer to winter with the addition of a long line shrug. This one’s the perfect choice for everything from casual jaunts to movie outings, where you’d rather not go heavy with the layering. Casual brogue loafers and a pair cropped black denims will do wonders to support the look.

Winter Edit On The Polo Tee_winter styling with summer clothes


Winter Edit On The Polo Tee – Your polo t-shirt may have been your go-to piece for everything from that brunch look to the more formal office get-up. Well, you can carry on its refinement in the season to come too. Try a co-ord look by layering on a lightweight trench coat or long jacket with matching trousers. Don’t be afraid to match your socks to your polo tee; look for winter hues like navy, wine, and spruce!

Cardigan And Flannel – Matched!_winter styling with summer clothes


Cardigan And Flannel – Matched! – It’s almost certain, we can’t have enough of the checked shirt, so let’s carry forward the look without a tinge of regret. This time, let’s deviate from the summertime checked shirt-white tee combo and instead, layer a cardigan over the print for a fuss-free countryside look. Go a step further by linking add-ons like rugged boots and pair of indigo denims.

Forget changing entire your wardrobe with the changing seasons. Follow our simple styling tips and make smart shopping choices!

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