November 21, 2017


Gear up for the new season with a collection of nude makeup essentials because that’s all you’d want to wear once you’ve tried it. Nude cosmetics, popularly termed as ‘natural makeup’ are in vogue and well deservedly so!

They lend a minimalistic touch and beautifully highlight your features, all without shouting it out from the rooftop!

It’s time you embrace this trend and show the others what effortless makeup skills look like. Begin with these five essentials!



Nude lipsticks are simply gorgeous and give your lips that subtle hint of colour. The array of nude lipsticks available will leave you spoilt for choice. From deeper shades to lighter ones; from matte to shine, you’ll want to have them all!

Nail Paints

Makeup_Nail Paints

Nude nail paint sits so delicately on your nails that there’s no other shade you’d rather want to wear. The nude tone accentuates the softness and delicate contours of your fingers, thereby giving your hands a neat and classy look.

 Eye Shadow

Makeup_Eye Shadow

No one can argue that eyeshadow lends an unmatched depth and beauty to the eyes. Speaking of this makeup essential, it’s hard to ignore the wonders that nude eyeshadow can do. It can gently highlight and keep your eyes at the centre of attention. To achieve this effect, use a nude eyeshadow with a darker colour to provide the perfect contrast.



Foundation forms the perfect base for nude makeup. So get the all-natural look by opting for nude foundation. Since every shade of foundation can be used as a base, you can experiment with different looks!



Highlighters give you a chiselled look and bring out your features beautifully. And when you use a highlighter in a nude shade, the impact is greater. Get the supermodel look in a matter of minutes with a nude highlighter that doesn’t look overly flashy!

Now that you’re fully equipped with the knowledge of nude makeup and the wonders it can do, it’s time you went e-shopping!

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