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What To Pack For Your Next Weekend Getaway

December 13, 2016


If travelling brings a smile on your face every time, then you would have many occasions to be happy. This year, there are many long weekends that can be used to plan a quick vacation. So, book your tickets and pack your bags.

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Don’t fret about incorporating style in your holiday packing, here are some ideas to get you started:

For A Beach Vacation

If you are planning a weekend getaway to Goa, or any other seaside destination, then don’t forget to pack these essential pieces.


Shorts : Extremely essential for a beach vacay.  Ones with a tropical pattern would be ideal for a day by the sea.
Camisoles : Effortlessly stylish, a camisole is a great option for the beach. Pair it with skirts, shorts and even jeans.
Maxi Dresses : Sitting by the poolside, sipping your drink in a bright tropical maxi dress ; well that would be an ideal vacation.

For A Hiking Trip

If you are going for a hiking trip, besides good fitness, you would need to wear right clothes too. Make sure you include these in your holiday packing –


Warm Jackets : Climbing up hills? be prepared for drizzles or snow fall and so add something warm to your holiday packing. Besides protection, it also adds to your style factor.
Layering Garments : Just because you have to cover up doesn’t  mean you should look drab and boring.  Layer jackets, cardigans and scarves to add freshness to your style.

For A Road Trip

Road trips can be really exciting; you never know what could come your way. Here are some suitable suggestions for right clothes that would complement your road trip.


Leggings : Leggings are the perfect option for a road trip as you crave for comfortable clothing.
Scarves : Scarves are a must have when you are going for a road trip. They not only elevate your style quotient, also help you beat the heat, pollution and any mild chill that may be in the air.

For A Luxurious Trip

India is dotted with luxurious destinations that you may have on your wish-list. If you are planning for a luxurious weekend getaway, make sure to pack these clothes for a high fashion tour:


Dresses : A good dress is classic, easy to wear, highly fashionable, and comfortable at the same time making it an ideal wear for a relaxing trip.
Long Kurtas : Long kurtas in classic cut would be a great choice for an elegant look during your luxurious vacation. This is especially suited for evening outings, like a classy dinner

So, go ahead and travel in style!

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