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November 9, 2016

I love trying new products. I get so bored of using the same product every day that at any given point of time, 3-4 different shampoo bottles are open on my shelf. I use them according to my mood for the day. Being not so fussy about the products I use, I have used everything from drug store to high street to luxury brands. The Yves Rocher range was something that caught my eye because I have been looking for a new silicone and paraben free shampoo to experiment with. I had used Yves Rocher range during my travels abroad and was happy to learn that they have launched in India too.


The Yves Rocher Nutri Silky Treatment Shampoo in Oat variant is for dry hair. The Yves Rocher Nutri Repair Conditioner in Jojoba is for very dry and Frizzy hair. Now I do not have dry hair but I recently moved homes and all the dust and neglect had taken its toll on my mane. I was looking for something that will smoothen and nourish them and these seemed like the perfect choices. The shampoo and conditioner are both white in colour. The shampoo has a very mild oat fragrance. It is so mild that it merely tickles your nostrils during the shower and then disappears. This works very well because the conditioner has a fantastic smell. It is fruity and floral and lasts for a couple of hours after you have had your bath. This is a plus since this does not interfere with my perfume!


I have used these products for a week now and I can say that if you are not used to silicone and SLS free shampoos, you will find this very weird. These shampoos lather very less. We have been conditioned to believe that more lather equals more cleaning! So an unlearning is definitely needed. I always end up using more product than necessary. The after effect however is amazingly soft and smooth hair for the whole day. The frizz is lesser too. I have a super oily scalp and always need a shampoo the second day.  Even with the Yves Rocher shampoo and conditioner, that did not change. I loved the feel of my hair throughout the day though and kept running my fingers through them the whole day. For the next wash, I skipped the conditioner and tried only the shampoo. I was happy that my hair was soft and smooth still though the conditioner definitely made things better.

My final thoughts are that this is definitely a good luxurious shampoo and conditioner combo. If you are particular about using Silicone free products, then this is definitely for you. It feels good, smells good and leaves the hair feeling awesome. Since these are meant for dry hair repair, these are not an oily haired girl’s everyday shampoos. But for a special occasion, when I want to sport a flowing glossy mane, I am surely reaching out for these olive green bottles.

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