December 20, 2018

The end of season sale offers are surely hard to resist and most of the seasoned shoppers make a shopping list of the purchases to be made during the sale. Here are a few hacks to help you save enough money to make most out of the sale.

Record Your Expenses


The primary step to save money is to keep a track of all your expenses. From every coffee, to travel, newspaper and every snack, each rupee spent should be accounted for. This way you can keep track of your expenditure and can filter out the essentials and non-essentials. A quick tip- maintain a record every time you spend, so it becomes easier while decoding your savings.

Make a Budget


Sales offer a wide array of items. Shoes, clothing, bags, accessories, perfumes and the list goes on. To make it simpler to decide what to buy, plan your budget. Decide how much you are willing to spend overall and then allocate yourself individual budgets  for clothing, shoes, bags, etc. Sales are tempting, but not everything on sale is mandatory to be bought Check if the product is of a long term use and won’t run out of fashion.

Chalk Out Your Priorities


Prioritise your goals in order to understand where you can start saving. Meet the essentials first, don’t be impractical about your expenditure. After all the necessities are met, make an outline to save up the remaining money. Make a priority of the items you must have. First things first! If you managed to save more money, you can venture out of your pre-set boundaries and add on more items to your wish list.

Cut Down On Your Spending


The best and simplest way to save up is cost cutting. Often we unnecessarily spend on items and keep no account for it. For example, if the distance is short consider walking it rather than spending money on autos or cabs. While it may initially seem like you are only saving small change, this will eventually add up to a lot more!

Follow these steps and make the most of these sales. What are you waiting for? Start saving, remember every drop makes an ocean!

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