May 14, 2018

Psychologically proven, colours and moods have a strong relation. When you look outside of your window on a sunny summer afternoon, what you feel is very different from the feeling you get when you look at a cloudy, gloomy sky. If you are looking for a way to express your feelings, colours can play a significant role!

This season, wear your mood on your sleeve, quite literally! Get colour coded with an array of colourful clothes. Let the colours and your moods go hand in hand.

Here’s a galore of different tones that are sure to sync with every mood – right from AM to PM.

Mysterious Blacks_Colours

Mysterious Blacks– Black portrays strong feelings of authority, sophistication, timelessness, class, mystery, and elegance seamlessly blended into one. There’s more than one reason why little black dresses and men’s black suits have made it to the evergreen fashion classic of all times. Black is the timeless choice for plain shirt colours. If too much black feels overpowering, you can always add a bit of white to water down the intensity, without losing the powerful and mysterious edge.

Feisty Reds_Colours

Feisty Reds– Put the fierce side of your spirit on display with colourful dresses and coloured jeans in red. Be it peppy dresses in red or a steaming hot suit in crimson, the shades of red are there to make you the centre of attraction. There’s nothing wrong with going all red if you can style this feisty shade smartly. Otherwise, add it in bits and pieces in your attire in the form of a bandana or a flushed tie.


Dreamy Whites– Embrace the zen and calmness of a clean palette with an all-white outfit. When you want to take the load off your mind, embracing the serenity of white might help you to declutter. Put together an all-white ensemble with pale pants, a crisp white shirt and a pair of white sneakers to keep it calm and casual. Plus, did you know, according to Pantone, white is the best-selling colour for the classic American t-shirt?


Cheerful Yellows– When the giggles in your head want to get unlocked, get a dash of instant energy with shades of bright yellow. Remember the sunny afternoon we referred to when establishing how colours affect mood at the start? You can give out the same energetic and full-of-life vibes about yourself in a canary colour t-shirt or a mustard yellow  dress. The colour of warm sunshine can help you to pull through the stress on those tough days at work. You can never go wrong with yellow as the shirt colour to brighten up those monday mornings. Yellow is also one of the most positive tones when it comes to colourful clothes, so stock up generously!


Joyous Pinks– When it comes to saying goodbye to the blues, pink is your best pick. The joyful shades of pink are definitely the look of the season. Be it salmon  bubblegum, millennial pink or hot fuchsia, there’s one shade of this colour for all. If you’re thinking that pink is way too feminine, try pairing your blue and gray suits with a pink tie and see how it makes all the difference. Salmon pink works as the best coat pant colour.  Jeans or pants paired with quirky blazers in bubblegum pink is also making some glorious rounds in men’s fashion.

Let your glad rags be as vibrant as your moods! Right from jackets to shirts to jeans and dresses, cruise through the spectrum from reds to the violets and everything in-between. This season, go colour hopping when you go clothes shopping.

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