July 18, 2017

Staying fresh during  monsoon should be something you should constantly look out for, unless you are ready for your skin to suffer later in the year. The main key is to not let the cold and dampness get the better of you in the monsoon. Looking refreshing is not as hard as you might think if you know how to take care of yourself.

Here are some tips to keep looking as fresh as a daisy during the monsoon:


Wear the Right Footwear

Always choose comfortable pair of shoes to keep your feet blister  free these monsoons.  Wear open-toed shoes more often to avoid constricting your feet in damp footwear. Be sure to moisturize your feet regularly every night.


Wear loose and comfortable clothing

Keep things simple and easy with your outfits, which means no tight and body-hugging clothes. The key is to let your skin breathe through your clothes. Wearing fitted clothing like leather will only constrict the passage of air through your body, resulting in skin rashes and infections later on. Also avoid heavy clothing and materials that take too long to dry


Show off Your Natural Tresses

When it comes to hair care for the monsoon, it is best be as natural as possible. Skip out on using excessive amount of styling and conditioning products, as they will only make it messy and humid instead. A hairbrush and hairbands should be essentials in your bag wherever you go. Always avoid keeping your wet and preferable don’t tie it when its not dry as it will tend to smell otherwise.

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Opt for Lighter Make up

Going natural should be your go-to when it comes to your monsoon make up. Make sure your eyeliner and mascara is always water proof.  Avoid heavy make-up in all possible situations since make up might get smudged due to the rains leaving ugly patches on your face.


Go for a fruit based diet

Maintain an intake of a healthy dose of fresh fruits in your diet  which is a sure-fire way to keep yourself refreshed . Try replacing  unhealthy junk food with the fruits of the season, such as peaches, litchis, plums and cherries.

Live a healthy lifestyle, follow these tips and keep yourself feeling and looking fresh this rainy season!

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